Sour Diesel from Humboldt Farms

Sour Diesel from Humboldt Farms via Eaze on 5/24/19. THC tested out to 16.5%. This retails for $25 plus tax which is frankly too much. I’m not going to sugar coat it, this was a highly disappointing experience, and a really poor showing by Humboldt Farms. I have smoked a lot of outdoor Sour Diesel in my time, it’s a classic, and in the right hands you can get a beautiful flower with some enjoyable racy effects. This is not that. The buds are extremely leafy and dry, despite the moisture pack and nice jar, it’s all very crunchy.

The scent is spicy in the a bad way, smells old mostly, with hints of veggie, like it was stored in an old moldy pepper barrel before packing. It smokes smooth enough, has a sort of pleasant spicy taste, which is sadly the only redeeming quality I can mention when it comes to this particular batch (#SD2-4-19-F). The headchange is where the schwaggy aspects of this nug really shine. Not only is it a hazy, unclear, almost resin like high, but it gave me a headache. Not since the days of Pretendo and brown frown have I gotten a headache from smoking. It was like being in college all over again, in the worst way. Granted, it could have just been time for me to have a headache, but it’s all too coincidental to over look. This shouldn’t be sold frankly, I can’t think of anyone walking away from this jar and paying retail price and feeling good about it. Please don’t take this as a slight Humboldt Farms, I’m sure you have quality flower out there, but you need to know that putting this quality of herb out there is going to damage your brand. Quality control is a must.

Whitewalkers from Korova

Whitewalkers from Korova via The 10 Spot on 5/05/19. THC tested out to 22.71%. Purchased for $50 plus tax. I’m a sucker for marketing so when I saw #korova released an herb called Whitewalkers just in time for the 8th season of Game of Thrones I knew I had to get my hands on it. Korova pushes nothing but quality so I didn’t even take a look at the bud before I got it home from the shop. That being said, this batch is definitely a looker.

The buds are dense and colorful, they chameleon from light green to dark purple depending on the angle and the lighting, with only the occasional slightly orange hair stealthy snaking along the surface almost going unnoticed. The triches really steal the show. They have the look and preservation that signals an intense level of care while being grown that you only see in quality providers like IOG, Lumpy’s and LA Made. The scent is gorgeously intense, it’s floral and spicy with hints of mint and pine, it feels refreshing and calming just to smell it. I really dig the terpine profile Korova puts on their labels. It’s awesome to put a name to the aromas I’ve been picking up on all these years. Just as they have on the label, the effect is DEAD center between indica and sativa, but be forewarned that it’s a definite brain buster. You will not be couchlocked by any means, however your ability to focus and plan may be severely hinder. I can imagine this being great for an afternoon hike on a familiar trail or just handling some chores around the house. Whitewalkers is the perfect name on the effect alone as you’re definitely zombified through and through. The flesh is willing but the brain is dead. Another straight banger from the folks at Korova. Can’t wait to see what they push out next!

Cherry Cola from MP Glassworthy

Cherry Cola from MP Glassworthy via The 10 Spot on 5/05/19. THC tested out to 24.5%. This particular 8th cost $10 plus tax because of a special but would usually retail for $35 plus tax. I was really happy to get this on an early bird special from the 10Spot as I’ve never heard of MP Glassworthy before and I’m always on the look out for new bargain brands to try. Unfortunately that’s where my joy with this particular experience ends. The first thing I noticed on opening the jar was how dry and semi shaky this batch is, which I guess accounts for how much there appears to be in the jar.

The buds are all fluff and crumble to the touch. The scent is all spice and a bit of veggie, nothing noteworthy, and a little bit of a turn off. One positive is that the triches look fairly pronounced but that’s about it. There is a small piece of paper in the jar, which mimics what they have on their instagram page. A story about a dude named MP Glassworthy that had some estate somewhere and supposedly collected the best seeds and shared cannabis with his friends etc. I really don’t get this kind of marketing and in all honesty they probably could have benefitted from a moisture pack over this weird story they’ve decided to make the face of their brand. There are a lot of brokers out there though and they are all trying to be unique so I can’t hate on anyone for trying. This smokes fine, not too harsh despite being old, seems relatively smooth. The effect is fairly weak which is more evidence that these THC percentages on jars are semi irrelevant. You can smoke bowl after bowl and while it’ll get you high, it’s a mild buzz at best. This could be describe as the keystone light of herb. If you want to get truly lit, you might want to just pack the 8th in a wood and call it a day. If you’re looking for a mild buzz, something my dad would be into, you may really like this particular batch. However for the retail price, I really can’t recommend it, it’s far too expensive and should be moved from mid to bottom shelf. For the same price you can get Good Flower or even @L.A.Made if you live in LA. That’d be a much better use of your resources. Sorry Glassworthy, unless I see something truly eye catching in a shop, I can’t see giving your flower another shot.

Jack Herer from Kings Garden

Jack Herer from Kings Garden via Dr. Greenthumb’s Sylmar on 3/16/19. THC tested out to 19.04%. Got a fantastic deal on this at $35 plus tax. I went up to Dr Greenthumbs in Sylmar specifically to grab runts but when I saw this Kings Garden Jack Herer at a really reasonable ticket (especially thanks to my first time visitor discount and the funky flower friday discount) I knew I had to take it home. Jack is a favorite classic of mine and I could tell this particular batch was grown with utmost care. The nugs themselves are hearty, have a healthy coating of large triches, yet are fragile and crumble to the touch.

I have always thought that Jack smells like potpourri and this jar is no exception. After a nice finger grind you’ll find a mix of floral, pine and sweet scents lingering on your fingers. It smokes smooth, with no hint of harshness or expansion when it hits your lungs. The effect is definitely sativa leaning, no sense of couch lock by any means, and while it will give you a jolt it’s not as racy and focus oriented as lot of the common place sativas on the market today. I enjoy smoking this but would save it for an early afternoon smoke on a day when I didn’t have much going on as opposed to something I’d bust out on a wake and bake. Also, I found with this particular batch after about 40 minutes or so, it’d start to way a little heavy and I would find myself not motivated to do much in particular. Again, awesome for days when you want to just netflix and chill or lay by the pool but not something I’d want to feel while out on a hike. Overall, this is a fantastic example of Jack Herer and if I found it again at a similar ticket I wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up again. This was a great entry experience into the world of and I can’t wait to delve in even further.