Cherry Cola from MP Glassworthy

Cherry Cola from MP Glassworthy via The 10 Spot on 5/05/19. THC tested out to 24.5%. This particular 8th cost $10 plus tax because of a special but would usually retail for $35 plus tax. I was really happy to get this on an early bird special from the 10Spot as I’ve never heard of MP Glassworthy before and I’m always on the look out for new bargain brands to try. Unfortunately that’s where my joy with this particular experience ends. The first thing I noticed on opening the jar was how dry and semi shaky this batch is, which I guess accounts for how much there appears to be in the jar.

The buds are all fluff and crumble to the touch. The scent is all spice and a bit of veggie, nothing noteworthy, and a little bit of a turn off. One positive is that the triches look fairly pronounced but that’s about it. There is a small piece of paper in the jar, which mimics what they have on their instagram page. A story about a dude named MP Glassworthy that had some estate somewhere and supposedly collected the best seeds and shared cannabis with his friends etc. I really don’t get this kind of marketing and in all honesty they probably could have benefitted from a moisture pack over this weird story they’ve decided to make the face of their brand. There are a lot of brokers out there though and they are all trying to be unique so I can’t hate on anyone for trying. This smokes fine, not too harsh despite being old, seems relatively smooth. The effect is fairly weak which is more evidence that these THC percentages on jars are semi irrelevant. You can smoke bowl after bowl and while it’ll get you high, it’s a mild buzz at best. This could be describe as the keystone light of herb. If you want to get truly lit, you might want to just pack the 8th in a wood and call it a day. If you’re looking for a mild buzz, something my dad would be into, you may really like this particular batch. However for the retail price, I really can’t recommend it, it’s far too expensive and should be moved from mid to bottom shelf. For the same price you can get Good Flower or even @L.A.Made if you live in LA. That’d be a much better use of your resources. Sorry Glassworthy, unless I see something truly eye catching in a shop, I can’t see giving your flower another shot.

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