Circus Animals from THC Design

Circus Animals from THC Design direct on 01/24/2022 (Huge shout out to Edward at THC Design for making it happen!). THC tested out to 33.44%. This was gifted to me but I did find it on Kannabis Works Menu in Santa Ana going for $46 out the door, and with their first time customer deal you get 40%, so you can potentially get it for a killer deal. THC Design was the first cannabis company for whom I ever saw a billboard, and at the time it was such a foreign concept, I thought they were actually a graphic design company that was just jumping on the ever escalating canna-bandwagon. I quickly learned that was not the case and have been a fan ever since, so when my dude Edward at THC Design hit me up and asked if I wanted to try out a couple of their new flavors, I popped right over and picked them up. 

The color profile of these dense nugs vary from bud to bud but are essentially a mash up deep rich aubergine that shifts into midnight blue in parts, along with emerald and lime greens, tightly coiled veins of rusty copper pistils, and an extremely prominent surface-obscuring coat of of dazzling white and egg cream colored triches. 

The nose out of the jar is a creamy gelato like fruity sweetness along with a touch of chalky floral and a general mustiness kicking around in the background. On busting open a bud, the fruity sweetness takes a candy-like turn and also brings with it a touch of minty vaporousness. Breaking it down by hand there was bright candy sweetness with a fruity edge, but the fruit was difficult for me to pin down, at different times it read as berry, pear, or even as grape adjacent. One sniff in particular tickled my memory banks and reminded me of the time I accidentally drank Capri Sun Pacific Cooler concentrate as a kid (note: it was delicious). A strong freshness also remained present but was relegated to filling out the background. 

The dry pull on the joint comes with a sugary chalky sweetness and a touch freshness joined by a very vague fruity echo. The inhale on the bong has a very light sweet floral quality, whereas on the joint it’s more of a sugary slap that quickly bounces off the tongue. The exhale on the bong hits with a musty semi-spiced cream, whereas on the joint there’s a waxy sweetness (ala wax lips) with a hint of fruit, and a fresh underpinning that also carries a spicy bite. Cross checking the flavor at the one temp my GhostVapes MV1 is currently capable of, I got a light minty sweetness on the way in, and a predominately pine exhale with a mint cream finish on the way out. 

The headchange came on quickly and consistently made me seek out a seat. There was this near instantaneous form of calm that obliterated my anxiety and threw me into introspection. Why was I in such a rush? Why was I so anxious? Was it helpful to me in any way? It allowed me to get some perspective on the situation, reprioritize, and then execute my new plan for the day without that sense of annoyance due to having so much to handle in the first place. I was fairly cognizant, although I did notice it was hard to recall some words on occasion, but I wasn’t so stunted that I couldn’t work around it. Physically I found myself with some pressure behind the eyes and general slump to my stature which contributed to that take a seat feeling I alluded to earlier. 

Overall, I’d say this is a beautiful looking, delicious smelling, decently tasty afternoon or evening smoke for when you want to relax and kick back but still keep your wits about you somewhat. I could see myself picking it up again if I were on the hunt for that sort of buzz, but truth be told I feel as if this particular set of effects is fairly common with herb on the rec market these days, so the ticket would really be the determining factor for me personally. I did a spot check of some menus in the area, and came across a batch of this at Kannabis Works in Santa Ana going for what I’d consider a good rate, especially when coupled with their killer first time customer discount. If you liked what I’ve had to say about this batch, and if you’re anywhere in the OC area, I’d say swing through and you’ll be leaving the shop happy. Great job on this one THC Design, definitely my favorite of the bunch!

Gemini from Alien Labs

Gemini from Alien Labs via Catalyst Santa Ana on 3/11/2022. THC tested out to 27.59%. Alien Labs is now going for $62 out the door at Catalyst shops, if you go on Tuesdays you can get 15% off of any flower, bringing it down somewhere into the 50s. A couple months back I saw that Alien Labs was dropping some new gear, and seeing the hypewave build I couldn’t help but get in on it, so I put in my online order at Catalyst Santa Ana and was fortunate enough to snag the very last jar. 

The surface of these fairly dense buds are a mix of lime, fern and forest greens with aubergine accents so dark they appear pitch black at points, coupled with dark amber and honey orange pistils wildly whipping their way through calyxes which appear as though heavily fortified by multiple battalions of tall white and egg cream colored triches. 

The nose out of the jar is a combination of sweet chalk, cream, and a grungy freshness all wrapped in this sort of general old wooden chest type of mustiness. Busting open a bud I get a sweet freshness with a gassy zing, approaching a near eucalyptus sensation in the nostrils, accompanied by a light fruitiness that’s hard to nail down as it’s obscured by those more powerful top notes. Breaking it down by hand my fingertips are left with a light sweet floral mint, whereas the grinds are an amalgam of sweet fruit and freshness, along with a savory gassy sting. It put the image in my mind of spraying some old school Binaca on an all-natural mango Mamba of some sort, the fruitiness is not cloyingly artificial, and plays well off of that mint-pine freshness. 

The dry pull on the joint comes off as an extremely light version of root beer candy. It has a certain sweetness, but it’s followed up with a dirty astringent quality that comes off near savory. The inhale from the bong was surprisingly nondescript given the nose, I even went so far as to reclean my bong and bowl on subsequent attempts to pick up on any subtleties, but a very light floral sweetness was the best I could come up with. On the joint I got a bit of musty dough on the inhale, whereas the exhale came with a hoppy gassy floral wrapped around a semi-grungy melon taste with a nice minty echo that lingered on the tongue, which over time settled into a general mentholated mustiness. The exhale on the bong had a gassy chalky sweetness followed up by a musty cream and peppery zing that gave off just a hint of that root beer candy on the finish. Cross checking the flavor on my Ghost Vapes MV1 at 170c there’s a slight cooling sensation on the way in with a strong pine which gets even stronger and more pronounced on exhale, leaving a pinesol like after taste lingering in my mouth for a good minute afterward. 

The headchange came on fast, and brought with it just a touch of uplifting energy at first, but that dissipated rather quickly.  Physically, I felt a slight pressure build up right between the eyes, as well as an ASMR like tingle in the cheeks that made its way down into the chest and gave me a sort of buoyant feeling. After a bit, a tired wave set in to the point where I felt it’d be a good idea to take a nap but it never quite put me all the way to sleep, however it took the wind out of my sails to the point I might have well have just knocked out as I wasn’t good for much else. Mentally I felt fairly cognizant until I tried to speak, at which point I found myself constantly stumbling over my words. In my head I could form a sentence and start the process to project it, but when it got to my mouth the words would get hung up on certain syllables, or I’d use the wrong ones entirely. I found myself having to focus a bit harder than normal on my pronunciation to avoid that lag. Even then, my vocabulary recall was shot and I had a hard time bringing forth words I wanted to use in the moment, settling for poor substitutes, and having to go back and correct myself when the word I was actually looking for manifested itself. This is definitely not a strain anyone should kick off their day with unless their day consists solely of kicking back and marathoning through The Tourist on HBO Max (it’s pretty good). 

All of that said, while I’m not chomping at the bit to get my hands on more, I could see myself picking this up again if I were in the market for day ender type herb, especially at the $60 price point that Alien Labs is going for nowadays. This was a beautiful, well grown batch with a long lasting motivation stealing thwack that’s perfect for relaxing after a hard day you’d rather forget. If that sounds appealing to you and you can find it at a rate you’re comfortable with I’d say you can’t go wrong. Great job once again Alien Labs, keep pumping out that heat!

Wakanda from Farmer and the Felon

Wakanda from Farmer and the Felon via Cannacraft direct on 10/29/2021. THC tested out to 34.28% (thanks to Jim Walsh for making it happen!). I was gifted this but it looks like a typical 8th at Catalyst goes for $28 out the door. I was lucky enough to get a huge Croptober box from Farmer and the Felon last fall, but due to my account being disabled for a bit and other pressing life issues, I wasn’t able to get around to this bag of Wakanda until now. 

The outside of these rather dense nugs are a patchwork of tea, pear and forest greens, with tightly coiled clusters of dim bronze pistils, and an average amount of beat up white and cream colored triches. 

The nose out of the bag is herbal and earthy combined with a touch of perfume like floral and an added dirty garlic tang far off in the background. It almost smells similar to hiking on a usually dusty trail shortly after it rains and it manages to amp up the scents all around you. Breaking open a bud a warm sweetness emerges, it’s a near apple baked good sort of quality, and also brings with it a minor minty zing. Busting it down by hand there’s a chalky mint sweetness that makes itself known, it smells like a mint necco wafer if one of those exists, while also maintaining a more muted version of that sweet apple skin quality, and a bit of sweet cream in the background. Almost comes off, although vaguely, as milk left over from cinnamon toast crunch but with a minty component as well. 

The dry pull on the joint has a light savory garlic-like tang with a musty hint of mint. The inhale on the bong comes with a musty spice and a muted creamy edge on the bong whereas the joint has a really muted floral with a light mint echo. The exhale on the bong is a very general floral sort of taste that seems fairly devoid of nuance while the joint isn’t much better, coming with a light yet mustier floral with a touch of sweetness, but it’s extremely muted. It should be noted that the ash burned very dark, was fairly harsh, and would not stay lit. Cross checking the flavor on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c I got a mint pine floral taste with the mint lingering around just slightly. 

Toward the end of the review process I was looking for a small blue dot on one bud that appeared in a couple of my pictures, as I was curious as to what it was, when I came across what I believe may be mold. It is very unfortunate that I went through most of the bag before finding it, and I hope there were not less noticeable spots of mold on the nugs I already smoked. I have put the suspected piece back in the bag for further evaluation down the line. 

The headchange came on quickly enough but sort of hit with a thud. It’s about as generic a high you can get, I felt mildly lit but totally cognizant, and it starts to slowly but surely siphon off your energy without offering much in exchange. It left me with some tired eyes and a “meh” sort of feeling, not only about the herb, but about life in general. In tech there is a concept of a minimum viable product, something that’s just good enough to go out the door and be used by beta testers, and when it comes to the buzz offered by this batch of Wakanda I’d say it’s sort of serving a similar purpose. It’s good enough, it’s perfunctory, and that’s about it. 

It’s unfortunate, but outside of the potential low ticket, I’m not really finding any redeeming qualities in this batch. The poor smoking experience coupled with the lackluster headchange, and the very real possibility of having inhaled mold, leaves me with the inability to recommend this for any reason. Sorry Farmer and the Felon, despite some pretty awesome experiences in the past with your flower, this one was an absolute miss for me. 

Feria from Green Dragon

Feria from Green Dragon via Catalyst Downtown Long Beach on 2/19/2022. THC tested out to 35.2%. Normally goes for $48 out the door but I was able to scoop it for 40% that off due to a 3rd time visit coupon I was using. I found myself at Catalyst in Downtown Long Beach with an awesome 3rd time visit discount to use and I was determined to make the most of it. As of late, a few people had mentioned Feria to me as a flower they’d like to see reviewed, and being a fan of Green Dragon myself, when I saw this on the menu it was a no brainer. 

The buds in this batch were on the smaller side but were fairly dense to the squeeze. The exterior of the bud is comprised of tea, lime, and parakeet greens with irregular spots of violet and aubergine. Burnt orange pistils wind their way throughout every crevice and grip tightly to the surface as they’re obscured into near oblivion at points by a thick coating of frosty white and egg cream colored triches. 

The nose out of the jar hits me with a combination of what I’d describe as floor cleaner and a grimey old linoleum up top, there’s a sour aspect to it, as well as a peppery must that reads like an old wooden chest. Busting open a nug a slight fruity sweetness emerges, one that’s very mild in nature and reminiscent of an apple skin, along with a touch of cream and a distant minty freshness. Breaking it down by hand my fingers are left with a warm apple smell, leaning towards a baked spiced apple quality but not that well formed, while the grinds themselves smell of a light sugary sweet yet spiced apple scent with an underlying complementary fresh element and a hint of chalky sweetness. 

The dry pull on the joint comes with a sweet chalk and a mild freshness with a hint of those floor cleaner vibes as well. On the inhale from the joint I get an herbaceous floral mint, whereas on the bong, it’s essentially the same but much lighter. On the exhale from the bong I get a mild sweet chalky floral with an herbaceous tang, whereas the joint is a musty semi spiced chalk, with this flat paper-like quality in the background that was difficult to pin down. I could only cross check the flavor on my GhostVapes MV1 at one temperature (170c), as the phone with the app I used to control it died, and since the company isn’t in business you no longer download it. In any case, on the way in there was a punch of mint-pine to the tongue, and the exhale was extremely piney to the point it lingered for a minute or so afterward. 

The headchange hit with a quickness and absolutely obliterated any semblance of my priorities that existed just moments earlier. In one instance, I hit my smoke spot while dinner was finishing up for a pre-meal blaze and instantly forgot all about dinner and was completely sucked into my phone. Luckily my girlfriend was keeping an eye out and was able to give me a gentle reminder, to which my response was a quick shake of the head and an “oh yeah!”, as I headed back to the kitchen. I decided to see how it would hit as a first smoke of the day, and after I got back from my walk the pull of the couch felt nearly magnetic. I had to fight through all of my natural inclinations in order to fill up another cup of coffee and finish this review as I’d made a promise to myself to do so this morning. It’s only through sheer willpower (aforementioned coffee) and determination that I am writing this as even now I feel the want to stop what I’m doing, throw a pizza in the oven, and kick back on the couch for some Evil Dead 2 remastered action. Interestingly enough, physically while I feel calm, I don’t exactly feel weighed down in any way. There’s just a motivation sapping chill that is permeating my state of mind and attempting to give me a case of the IDGAFs. 

When all is said and done, I’d say Feria’s real strength is in it’s high as it’s the type of herb that can completely vanquish the negative feelings of a challenging day, wiping my emotional slate clean and which grants me the ability to relax and mentally reset. I’d say it comes in at a really fair ticket and has a solid effect that works for me in  a “day ender”  sort of capacity, which is extremely useful during those types of stressful weeks that life can throw at us all occasionally. I can definitely see myself picking this up again to keep on deck for those occasions, or any time I just feel like leaving the planet behind for a little bit, especially at the price of $25 out the door (last I checked) their smalls go for at their home shops in NoHo and Coachella Valley. Keep up the great work Green Dragon!

Dark Karma from Fig Farms

Dark Karma from Fig Farms acquired on 3/05/2022. THC tested out to 32.58% (although I am not sure if that’s THC or TAC) Huge shoutout to the Fig Farms Team for making it happen, as well as Dylan at Upnorth Distribution, and my dude @rip215 for the strain recommendation. This was gifted to me by Fig Farms via their distributor Upnorth but a typical Fig 8th goes for $62 out the door at a Catalyst shop. Wanting to get Fig Farms back on the page I grabbed some Triangle Sunset from Catalyst Long Beach, but as luck would have it they no longer run that strain, so in the interest in reviewing something you can actually get your hands on they offered to furnish me with something from their current line up. 

This jar of Dark Karma consisted of two nugs: one beefed out champion nug and its stout companion. The surface of the buds are mostly a mix of olive, hunter and lime greens with subtle pops of violet and aubergine, entangled in gangly bunches of cantaloupe colored pistils, all of which is flooded over in copious amounts of snow white and daffodil yellow triches.

The nose out of the jar is a sweet minty must with a hint of dim fruity sweetness, there’s a savory spice aspect to it as well, and overall it hits my nose sort of like a peppered mango but enrobed in a fresh herbaceousness. Busting open a bud that spiced fruitiness is still present but is backed by a strong vaporious mint that’s reminiscent of a mild Vic’s Vaporub. Breaking it down by hand was challenging as it was very dense, it really put my fingers to work, and left them smelling of light sweet mint and a touch of fruit. The grinds themselves managed to amp up both the fruity sweetness and the vaporous aspects to a point where it smelled like a mango Hi Chew that was hit with a splash of Ice Drops, a spicy yet fruity sweet bite with a peppery fresh zing, with those sweet and savory qualities punching at my nostrils for dominance.  

The dry pull on the joint comes with a chalky sweet floral and a touch of that fruitiness but it’s relegated to the distant background. The inhale on the joint had dough like musty floral whereas the bong had a surprisingly sweet yet brief note that at some points hit my tongue like a gassy hostess powdered donut. The exhale on the joint came with an astringent floral and a muted minty background, there was this sort of rubbery aspect that was hard to pin down, but to put it roughly my notes say “almost feel like it tastes like band-aids and hydrogen peroxide, but in a flower type of way”. The flavor from the bong was a much more familiar musty sweet chalky cream. Cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c there’s a sugar sweet floral with a fairly strong minty aftertaste, whereas at 185c there’s a mild floral and pine mix with a light yet noticeable piney echo. 

The headchange comes on quickly initially but also has a slight creeper ramp up overtime. Mentally I didn’t feel too worse for wear. I was able to maintain focus with some minimal effort, but if I relaxed my concentration for even a brief moment I’d find myself easily distracted, drifting off into a world of wholly unconnected thoughts. When I managed to snap back to reality I’d just be staring at some cat video on my phone or doom scrolling through reddit on autopilot. However, I should note that over the course of about 30 minutes it did become increasingly difficult to stay present but never felt impossible, it manages to have a very chill effect without passing into IDGAF territory. Physically there was a touch of pressure in my forehead and a general sense of calm that ran throughout my entire nervous system. My torso started to feel just a little more weighty than usual as well. I’d save this one for an evening with some engaging TV and a pizza or maybe a lazy Sunday morning paired with some coffee and story based gaming.

All and all I enjoyed this batch of Dark Karma, it’s another fantastic and unique offering grown to perfection by Fig Farms that definitely stands out in a sea of Gelatos that is the California recreational market. The ticket is extremely reasonable at Catalyst shops to boot, so under the right circumstances I could see myself picking it up again, especially if there were some rainy days on the horizon as I feel it would make a good companion in that type of weather. Awesome job Team Fig, keep up the great work!

Dinosaur Food from L.A.Made

Dinosaur Food from L.A.Made via Peace of Green on 1/17/2022. THC tested out to 26.328%. Purchased for $25 out the door. If you’re unaware, there’s a somewhat hidden gem in Downtown LA called Peace of Green that hosts jars exclusively from Capulator’s brand, L.A. Made. It’s a no fuss no muss sort of spot with the best deals you’re going to find on indoor herb pretty much anywhere in Southern California. 

The surface of these bitsy yet dense buds are a mix of emerald and shamrock green with sparse sporadic specks of deep aubergine, wild bunches of dark copper pistils that look as if they’re exploding through the canopy of the nug like solar flares blasting off the sun, and dense collections of triches that get so thick at times they form brilliant crown like ridge lines along the outermost exterior.  

The nose out of the jar hits like straight MAC at first, there’s a general mustiness that’s paired with spice, and a minty vapor on the backend that zings the inside of my nose just a little. Busting open a bud, a berry sweetness pours out but the mustiness remains present, yet has a creamy lilt with that vaporous sensation still making itself known in the background. Breaking it down by hand, there’s a sweet sugary mint with a musty cream underpinning on my fingertips, while the grinds themselves have a sharply sweet minty berry quality. It’s as if the mint kicks down the door allowing that berry sweetness to swarm your sense of smell. It’s hard to describe but in my notes I stated it “smells delicious, as if someone mixed a tropical hi chew and a piece of winterfresh gum and dropped it in a dollop of whipped cream”. 

The dry pull on the joint came with a sweet floral and spicy grungy tang, coupled with a distant hint of sweetness that’s somewhat blown out by that spice, and a minor minty cooling sensation. On the bong the inhale had a sweet yet perfume-like floral, whereas the joint had more of a sweet chalky candy taste that beared a slight resemblance to a candy cigarette. The exhale on the bong was a spiced floral sweet cream with a touch of must, hint of fruitiness, and a fuel like tang on the bong. The joint was very floral and sweet, but also has a spiced baked good element to it that hit me sort of like a pumpkin roll, along with a chalky overtone and a minty finish. The taste profile was definitely complex and hard to pin down but enjoyable all around. Cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c there’s a light sweet floral with a hint of mint on the way in while the exhale is mostly pine wrapped in a light mint. At 185c it’s mostly a straight floral with an astringent mint and a lighter sense of pine. 

The headchange came on quick and slapped with a spacy thwack. There’s a bit of an ASMR tingle that ran down the back of my neck, and into my shoulder blades, as well as an easy going calm that permeated my whole body and put a bit of weight at the edge of my limbs. Mentally, I was completely lost in the sauce. I was so spaced out at one point that I was reading articles on my phone when suddenly remembered I was expecting a text that I didn’t want to miss, so I looked up and started scanning the room for my phone and for a brief moment couldn’t remember where I’d put it, when all the sudden it dawned on me that it was on my lap with the article loaded up on it that I was just reading a second ago. It was a bit of psychological peek-a-boo that caught me completely off guard and I had to laugh at myself a good few seconds afterward. While it’s not quite one hitter quitter status, it is fairly close, as I didn’t find myself needing much to get thrust to the edge of space and beyond. 

If it wasn’t evident in the review so far I really loved this jar of Dinosaur Food, and even though most of the buds in my particular batch were a bit popcorny, for the $25 out the door I absolutely cannot complain. Fantastic work on this one L.A. Made, you are putting out unique and excellent quality indoor at an Old Pal sort of rate, which is extremely cool of everyone involved and gives the whole op that “for the community” kind of vibe. Thanks for existing. I will definitely be popping back over to Peace of Green to stack up on some of those $20 holler specials ASAP. 

Candy Chrome from 710 Labs

Candy Chrome from 710 Labs via Butter in Santa Ana on 1/30/2022. THC tested out to 20.83%. Purchased for $55 out the door due to first timer discount, normally would be around $75ish out the door. Recently I found myself window shopping at Butter Santa Ana as my lady was in the market for some concentrates, and as my eyes wandered around the store while she was making her selection, I spotted this batch of Candy Chrome on the shelf. I had heard some mixed opinions on it from some reviewer pals of mine so my curiosity was definitely piqued, and with the first time customer discount in play, it came in at a ticket I simply couldn’t resist. 

710 Labs flower is always straight up beautiful and this batch is no exception. This bud is so heavily inundated with frosty white trichomes that aiming to take a detailed look at its surface is like trying to make out your surroundings through your windshield while driving in whiteout conditions on a rural mountain highway. Through the blizzard you can make out various aspects of the olive and pear green budscape, along with sizable swaths of aubergine, but all of the details are obscured by the intensity of the trich-squall.

The nose out of the jar is predominantly musty but also brings a light fruity sweetness with just a touch of chalk. On busting open a bud, that musty sweetness really widens out and becomes a little less fruity while somehow maintaining it’s sweetness level, and a vaporous mint makes itself known. Breaking it down by hand my fingers are left with an earthy pine and a hint of mint, whereas the grinds themselves are much more complex, with notes of overly ripe melon, sugar cubes, chalky necco wafers, all of which is underlined by a gassy adjacent freshness. 

Taking a dry pull off the joint I get a light melon-ish/mango-ish sweet cream that leaves a hint of sugar on the tongue. The inhale on the joint comes with a musty chalky sweet floral whereas the bong is less descript and just has general light mustiness. The exhale on the joint brings a gassy sweet floral with a musty underpinning, whereas the bong is a musty semi-sweet cream with a hint of vaporous spice. Cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c I felt a slight cooling sensation on the inhale which brought a sweet mint pine taste with it, while the exhale was extremely piney with a minty backing and left that pine lingering on the tongue. At 185c the mint pulled back and became more floral, with the exhale consisting of an even mix of floral mint pine, but this time it was the floral note that ended up lingering on the tongue for a bit afterward. 

The headchange came on quick with a nice gentle thwap that immediately brings any situation down a few notches. Physically I felt some pressure in my forehead, behind my eyes, and a little weight on the edges of my shoulders and often before I knew it, the tension I typically carry with me through my work day had melted away by a large margin. Mentally I was able to follow various media without issue, TV nor games presented any sort of challenge, but when it came to putting together my thoughts it felt like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle with two locally anesthetized arms. Just sloppily bashing ideas together in hopes it’d make sense at some point down the line. I would often stop mid sentence and ask myself “where am I going with this?” while another part of me would try to continue writing, but with that crucial aspect of my cognition locked up I’d end up hitting a sort of mental “blue screen of death” where I’d shake my head in an attempt to “restart” to no real avail. However, even as incapcitated as my brain may have been, I still felt like I wasn’t quite on the level I wanted to be. Even though I was feeling it I found myself wanting to smoke another bowl in short order, I was just shy of a certain mark of comfort, and while it made the monkey on my back much smaller, it was still there like an itch needing to be scratched. 

All and all, this was some great smelling gorgeous looking flower, and for the ticket I got it at I’d pick it up again in a heartbeat. That said, at the normal rate I’d have a hard time copping this again because, while it ticked most of the boxes, it didn’t quite check them all and at that top tier level that’s what I’m looking for when graduating strains to re-up headstash status. 

Tangieland from Curated Cannabis

Tangieland from Curated Cannabis on 01/05/2022. THC tested out to 31.954%.This was gifted to me but checking the menu at Mother Nature’s Remedy you can get an 8th of Mendo Breath out the door for $31.39 if the site is accurate. At the start of the year I found myself lucky enough to be invited back down to the Curated Cannabis facility to chat it up about all things cannabis, and while there I was gifted a couple samples to review, one of which was this Tangieland grown by Cathedral Green. 

This single giant beastly bud is mostly a mix of lime and sage greens with subtle blooms of aubergine dotting nugscape, accompanied by gangly flare ups of ginger and burnt orange pistils, and a beautiful deluge of intact white and egg cream triches that fuzz over the landscape like snow on an old CRT TV. 

The nose out the jar is overwhelming Jack Herer due to the high amount of Terpinolene I’m guessing, but there’s also a bit of a sweet musty tang that kicks around in the background as well. Busting open a bud the jack dissipates and has a sort of flat musty scent with a touch of floral, but comes off surprisingly muted overall. Busting it down by hand, the nug smoothly breaks apart as that jack scent amps back up, but also brings a hint of fruity sweetness to it that reminds me of a weak mango hi chew.

The dry pull on the joint is hard to discern, it’s very light, and hits with a peppery tang and a touch of mustiness underneath it. The inhale on the bong comes with a very light floral spice whereas the joint was fairly nondescript. The exhale on the bong is a muted peppery musk with a faint distant wisp of fruit whereas the joint is an extremely light spiced floral. While not particularly flavorful it should be noted that the smoke is incredibly easy on the lungs. It’s hard to describe but I’ve found myself saying it’s the closest you can get to the feel of vaping flower while still actually smoking it. Speaking of, cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c I get a light semi-sweet floral followed up by a distant peppery jack bite, whereas at 185c it’s more of a generic musty floral. 

The headchange hit with a near immediate sense of calm but left my ability to think and focus intact. One time in particular prior to smoking I found myself ramped up over the challenge of the day and afterward, the physical anxiety I felt moments earlier was completely obliterated, although the thoughts that generated that anxiety remained, I felt I was better equipped to work through them more efficiently. Over time that sense of calm ramped up and I found myself in a really easy going state, with a que sera sera attitude, and where all of my movements felt much more deliberate yet moderately delayed. Overall I’d say this is a good strain to keep on deck for a lazy Sunday or the start to a chill evening at home. It brings that really mellow vibe that will allow you to enjoy kicking back on the couch, but doesn’t wreck you cognitively, so you can consume your favorite sort of media without losing the thread and having to constantly rewind/reload. 

All and all this is another visually stunning live cured entry from the fine folks at Curated Cannabis, and while the nose didn’t translate to the flavor on this one, if you like the effects as I’ve described them, for the ticket this goes for at Mother Nature’s Remedy (when in stock) I say you really can’t go wrong. 

Jealousy from Flightpath

Jealousy from Flightpath via Inspectorganja562 on 1/2/2022. THC tested out to 31.33%. This was gifted to me but I believe this is supposed to go for somewhere right around $50 out the door. When Inspector Ganja threw down a few bags of FlightPath strains on the table and said take your pick, I decided to roll with this Jealousy as it’s the only one I’d had any previous experience with and I was curious as to how it would compare. 

These taut pointed buds are mostly a deep indigo with chartreuse and emerald green accents, accompanied by tightly coiled fiery orange pistils that seem to struggle to break through the dense surface, all of which is covered in a fairly thick coating of white bird spike like triches. 

The nose out of the bag is a chalky gelato like fruity sweetness with a strong vaporous minty underpinning. Busting open a bud, the fresh mint amps up and brings a mustiness with it that dominates the scent profile near completely, aside from this faint soy sauce like savoriness that is detectable but buried in the menthol of it all. Breaking it down by hand you get a feel for just how incredibly dense these nugs are, it gave me a lot of resistance, and left my fingers smelling of musty mint and a touch of chalky cream. The top note of the grinds has a peppery quality followed immediately by that strong mint and a chalky sweetness along with a distant hint of that fruitiness from earlier. 

The dry pull has a rich sweet fruit with an immediate strong mint follow up to the point it leaves an astringent zing on the tongue. The inhale on the joint comes with a light floral sweetness whereas the bong is a slightly mintier version of the same. The exhale on the joint is a semi sweet chalky floral with a bit of a distant grape lean, whereas the bong has more of an all encompassing musty chalky sweetness. Cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c I get a minor mint pine on the way in and more of a piney floral on the way out, whereas at 185c the mint gets much less pronounced as a standard floral quality fills in the gaps on both the inhale and exhale.

The headchange comes on quickly and smacks with authority. On more than one occasion it took me from a state of high energy and focus to one completely sapped of motivation and losing the thread at every turn. Even with the best intentions of staying on task I felt it near impossible, the want to chase every shiny object put a constant toll on my stamina, and my determination challenged by an ever strengthening feeling of not giving a single fuck about anything. There was a slight physicality to it, a weightiness that ran down through the base of the neck into every limb, but mostly it felt like it was grappling with my cognitive abilities which was mentally draining. I didn’t want to think about anything, I just wanted to sit and stare blankly into the distance and let my mind wander unchecked. I would definitely save this one for some evening smoke when you’ve got nothing to do, no one to interact with, and are ready to just zombie the hell out. Most days I need my brain to work as best it can, but there are those nights where I just need to wipe the slate clean and forget everything I’ve been through, and this batch of Jealousy would be a good companion for those situations. 

All that said, if I were in the market for a day ender type herb I might consider picking this up again, the look and nose are on point but the flavor didn’t exactly translate, and the effect for me in particular has such a specific use case that it would highly depend on the rate I found it at out in the wild. I think $50 out the door is fair. It’s apparent that Flightpath has the chops to put out a pretty darn good rec market product, I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for more of their offerings in stores, solid work Flightpath!

Marshmallow Og by 710 Labs

A flavor from “the list”! I’m one of many that got an exciting email about 710’s flavor list, just to be told I’m not in their current delivery area. Thankfully for me, @westcoastweedreviews is in the right area, and he provided me this flower in a trade. Thanks bro!

I loved the look of this flower. It had that slightly spread out look of organic soil-grown bud. The resin coating was heavy and the colors were striking, with lots of bright greens and a purple bud here and there.

It had fairly long and whispy pistils in a vibrant orange that really catches the eye.

When smelling this flower, I got a blend of herbal aromas that was pretty complex and interesting. The main notes that stood out to me were eucalyptus, mint, black licorice, and artificial candy sweetness.

When smoking, the herbal flavors came through really nicely, with a pop of mint and skunky earthiness, and a light overall funkiness in the background with the black licorice. The sweet artificial smell didn’t really translate to the taste, unfortunately.

The high came on strong and quick. For anyone saying that 710 never has heavy strains, I’d recommend giving this a smoke. It hit me hard and I quickly felt some clumsiness kick in. The high that it settled into felt easy and relaxed, and put me in a great mood whenever I smoked it. The Marshmallow OG was one of the best highs for me in a while, actually.

Overall, this was great looking bud with good flavor and a killer high. To all the 710 haters — I say give this one a try.