Galactic Gas (Smalls edition) from Alien Labs

Galactic Gas (Smalls edition) from Alien Labs via Connected Santa Ana on 5/28/19. THC tested out to 16.58% total. Purchased a 7 gram jar for $93 after tax. I picked this up at Connected the same day I picked up their Galactic Gas Outdoor (aka YOLO) so I could contrast and compare. On opening the jar, the smell is very evident, but the visual difference is stunning. The smalls live up to their name size wise but appear mighty. The surface is heavily fortified with extremely rich trich coverage obscuring the deep purple hues and dark greens that comprise the meat of the nug. There are hairs but they are so tiny they appear as small orange spots.

The smell is extremely unique, it’s a mix of sweet and fruity, with little bits of floral and mint when finger ground. In the jar it has almost a sickly sweet quality to it, very similar to a rotting tropical fruit smell, but in best way possible. The smoke is smooth and does carry a bit of that sweetness on the exhale. The headchange is Clark Kent. That is to say, hella mild mannered. This definitely doesn’t kick like it’s outdoor cousin, it’s a very even headed high that doesn’t leave you too spacey, it gently takes you up to a cruising altitude. Sometimes it’s nice to have an herb that doesn’t hit you too heavy, but has a little staying power. I’d say this would be good to smoke before an afternoon lecture or a boring meeting, it’ll not overwhelming to the point where you’ll be paranoid about people knowing you’re high but will help you pleasantly drift through a boring task that requires focus. If you’re looking for straight bang for the buck, I’d say reach for the outdoor/YOLO variant. If you’re looking for a great smelling beautiful weed that doesn’t smack too hard, then the Galactic Gas smalls might be exactly what you need. Personally, I may buy this again if the price was brought down to something like $70 out the door, but I’ll definitely be checking the label going forward. I feel foolish to admit it, but I didn’t compare percentages of THC on the labels between the smalls and the premium indoor. Justacusty informed me that his batch of Galactic gas tested out at a whopping 28.94% and is some of the best bud he’s ever smoked so I may get spendy with it if I come across a batch like that in the future. Overall a pleasant experience but not one I’m sure I’d repeat at that price point.

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