Jackie Treehorn from Korova

Jackie Treehorn from Korova via The 10 Spot on 6/1/19. THC tested out to 27.59%. Purchased for $50 plus tax. I’d have preferred to have paid $35-40 for this particular batch, but $50 seems to be the minimum going rate for all things Korova. As a Jack fan, as soon as I saw Korova put out a jack centric cross, I knew I had to get my hands on it. The smell is one of the most appealing aspects of this batch. If you told me this was classic jack, I’d absolutely believe you, it has that classic scent although I believe the citrus note might be more prominent than your average Jack relegating more of the musty spice notes to the background. It’s extremely pleasant and I could leave my nose in the jar all day. The nugs them selves are a nice light green, with orange hairs making their way across a fair amount of the surface area, along with a dusting of tightly bound triches. This nug is extremely dense, I couldn’t finger grind for the life of me, but after getting it ground the pile of pre-joint crumbles have this light green hazy shine to them. It’s almost as if the herb is glowing…almost.

This batch smokes beautifully, the exhale carries with it that beautiful citrus jack taste in spades. Clean your binger for this one, it’s worth it. The headchange is great, you remain clearheaded and focused and I swear my memory recall worked just a little bit better than usual. If I had to look for a drawback, it’s not as racy as I like my pure sativas to be, but it’d worth noting there is zero paranoid edge which is nice. This is really a fantastic any time herb, but probably works best for wake and bakes where you have a full day ahead of you. Another awesome job by the Korova Team!

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