Cherry Punch from Korova

Cherry Punch from Korova via The 10 Spot on 6/1/19. THC tested out to 21.77% total. Purchased for $50 plus tax. Purple Punch tends to have a lot of bag appeal, so when I saw Korova (who consistently puts out fire) put out a cross with Cherry AK-47, I decided to see if it’s bark was as big as it’s bite. The look definitely doesn’t disappoint here. There’s a nice frosting of triches giving the nugs that sort of hazy shine which slightly obscures the tightly wound light greens and purples that comprise the majority of the surface area. The odd brownish red hair pops out of the hair here and there looking like a ginger teens unkept uneven attempt at a mustache.

The smell out of the jar is musty and spicy with minor hint of sweetness, however when you finger grind it there’s a fruity sweet almost candy quality that is released, it’s almost a night and day difference. The smoke is smooth and you get a taste of that musty spice on the way out, I don’t really pick up on any sweetness in the exhale. The headchange is fairly mild and mellow, nothing really notable in all honesty, just a chill high that doesn’t interfere with your day too much. If you need energy for whatever you’re going to do I’d say definitely avoid it, but if you’re just going to be smoking at home and looking for something to take you up to cruising altitude without locking you up too much, this might be for you. For me, I’ll probably look to something else from Korova instead of picking this up again, I don’t see any qualities in this particular batch that call for a repeat buy as opposed to some of their other herbs which call to me even to this day (looking at you Super Silver Haze!). If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think!

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