Utopia Haze from Korova

Utopia Haze from Korova via The Spot on 11/16/19. THC tested out to 28.26%. Purchased for $50 plus tax. I’m a sucker for a good sativa and a limited drop so when I saw that The Spot had some of this Utopia Haze I popped down there asap to get my hands on some and was lucky enough to get the second to last jar in the shop. According to Korova, Utopia Haze is “the result from generations of backcrossing and selection from a single prized Brazilian landrace that was crossed with itself without contact or alteration with different genetics”. That would make sense to me as the look, smell, and effect are all very unique. The buds are semi-airy but have the appearance of pure density. The buds are a bright mint green and one of the first things that catches the eye is how strangely porous it appears. There are these small spaces that dot the surface that look very similar to the holes in a pumice stone. The look is further complimented by the occasional flare up of fireplace orange hairs and a generous layer of frosty white triches.

The nose out of the jar is awesome, it’s the kind of herb that when you smell it you can’t help but say “damn, that just smells so good.” It’s this intense fruity combination of mango and artificial grape with just a slight musty edge in the background. On breaking the nug I get the same scent but it seems to intensify by a degree and brings out hints of rosemary and pine. When breaking it down by hand that fruit scent widens out into a beautiful bouquet of mango, grape, pineapple, banana and even a bit of blackberry. It reminds me of a fresh and delicious fruit smoothie. The inhale is smooth I get this refreshing sweet zing with just a touch of that rosemary which ends up feeling just slightly acidic on the tongue. The exhale is hard to pick apart but it definitely has elements of sweet fruity spice that reminiscent of the filling of a mixed fruit pie. The headchange is absolutely fantastic! It comes on fast and brings a caffeine like energy and a clarity that feels similar to what I imagine Bradley Cooper’s character experiences in the movie Limitless when he takes one of those little clear pills. I was on my feet, doing chores, and tackling old projects I’d been putting off for an unknown amount of time. One of the cons with most sativas is they tend to wear off quickly so I was caught off guard with the stamina of Utopia Haze. I was thoroughly impressed as one bowl seemed to stay with me for over an hour. This was an excellent overall experience and my only complaint is that it’s a limited batch so I can’t run out and grab more. I really hope that Korova is able to do a wider release in the future, if you’re a sativa fan and you have the opportunity to grab Utopia Haze do so immediately, you will not regret it.

Flat Earth from Korova

Flat Earth from Korova via The Spot on 8/31/19. THC tested out to 19.11%. Purchased for $50+tax – 25% off for the Korova Takeover Discount. I was lucky enough to grab this one on special for the Korova Takeover at The Spot. Not only did I get a discount but I got a cool shirt too. Being a cross between Conspiracy Kush and Earth OG, Flat Earth is a fantastic and hilarious name for this strain. The first thing that catches the eye as soon as you open the jar are these massive triches that coat every bud. The nugs are bulbous, spikey, and alien looking. While the surface is a light green, the intense coating of triches give it this sort of jaundiced look, and no matter the lighting the nugs have a frosty white-ish yellow hue.

The smell out of the jar is savory and aromatic and reminds me of opening the spice cabinet at your grandma’s house that’s she’s been using for decades. On the nug break I still take in that peppery smell but it’s accompanied by notes of metal in the background. On the finger grind the metallic nose intensifies and nearly overwhelms the other scents all together. It’s very dry to the touch and breaks down really easily leaving no stickiness on the finger tips. The smoke is smooth and on the exhale tastes like licking a 9volt battery but in the best possible way. The headchange comes on at a moderate pace. It doesn’t really thwack but gently settles in and gives you that floaty head sort of feeling. It has me slightly spacey and staring off into the distance. If you’re at all tired when you smoke this strain it’ll sap any motivation you have to take on any given task but it doesn’t exactly leave you feeling couchlocked either. You have the ability to move from your seat bu there’s just not a good enough reason to get you to do it. This is a good mellow strain to end the day and kick off your evening. It’ll tamp down your energy from the day but won’t leave you dead to the world. While no doubt a beautiful well cultivated herb worthy of the ticket it commands, the headchange isn’t something I found personally appealing as it left me feeling just kind of “meh” about everything, which is not really a place I enjoy being. That said, every strain hits every individual differently so if you want to give Flat Earth a chance for yourself, I’d say it’s definitely worth a shot.

M.A.C. One from Korova

M.A.C. One from Korova via The Spot in Santa Ana on 7/06/19. THC tested out to 21.45%. Purchased for $50 plus tax. I was hella excited to get my hands on this as it seems to be a very rare drop by the Korova Team. I was really impressed with the size of the nugs in the particular batch, especially considering once they were broken down, there was relatively little lumber. The buds themselves are a beautiful mix of light and dark green with bands of purple hues all blanketed in those signature MAC triches.

The nose carries a musty spicy sweetness, although the sweetness is more muted than I’ve come across in other MACs, it still very much has that unique hard to pin down scent. The in and exhale are extremely smooth and I pick up on a little bit of sweetness on the way out. The headchange comes on quick and definitely leaves you slightly spacey but this batch is a bit less racy than other MACs I’ve had in the past. Korova rates it at nearly full sativa for effect, but I’d actually put it more toward the middle, knocking right a box or two. It doesn’t impede your ability to focus, but there’s not a whole lot of energy or motivation, it would be fairly easy and enjoyable to just sit on the couch and veg out with a movie. That said, it’s not exactly a wake and bake strain but it is a good all day any time strain. If you have things to do it won’t hold you up and you’ll feel great doing it. If you don’t have anything to do, you’ll feel great doing that too, it’s a fantastic “toke and talk” kind of herb that would be well shared amongst a group of friends catching up. Another exemplary strain done right by the folks at Korova, awesome job!

Cherry Punch from Korova

Cherry Punch from Korova via The 10 Spot on 6/1/19. THC tested out to 21.77% total. Purchased for $50 plus tax. Purple Punch tends to have a lot of bag appeal, so when I saw Korova (who consistently puts out fire) put out a cross with Cherry AK-47, I decided to see if it’s bark was as big as it’s bite. The look definitely doesn’t disappoint here. There’s a nice frosting of triches giving the nugs that sort of hazy shine which slightly obscures the tightly wound light greens and purples that comprise the majority of the surface area. The odd brownish red hair pops out of the hair here and there looking like a ginger teens unkept uneven attempt at a mustache.

The smell out of the jar is musty and spicy with minor hint of sweetness, however when you finger grind it there’s a fruity sweet almost candy quality that is released, it’s almost a night and day difference. The smoke is smooth and you get a taste of that musty spice on the way out, I don’t really pick up on any sweetness in the exhale. The headchange is fairly mild and mellow, nothing really notable in all honesty, just a chill high that doesn’t interfere with your day too much. If you need energy for whatever you’re going to do I’d say definitely avoid it, but if you’re just going to be smoking at home and looking for something to take you up to cruising altitude without locking you up too much, this might be for you. For me, I’ll probably look to something else from Korova instead of picking this up again, I don’t see any qualities in this particular batch that call for a repeat buy as opposed to some of their other herbs which call to me even to this day (looking at you Super Silver Haze!). If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think!

Jackie Treehorn from Korova

Jackie Treehorn from Korova via The 10 Spot on 6/1/19. THC tested out to 27.59%. Purchased for $50 plus tax. I’d have preferred to have paid $35-40 for this particular batch, but $50 seems to be the minimum going rate for all things Korova. As a Jack fan, as soon as I saw Korova put out a jack centric cross, I knew I had to get my hands on it. The smell is one of the most appealing aspects of this batch. If you told me this was classic jack, I’d absolutely believe you, it has that classic scent although I believe the citrus note might be more prominent than your average Jack relegating more of the musty spice notes to the background. It’s extremely pleasant and I could leave my nose in the jar all day. The nugs them selves are a nice light green, with orange hairs making their way across a fair amount of the surface area, along with a dusting of tightly bound triches. This nug is extremely dense, I couldn’t finger grind for the life of me, but after getting it ground the pile of pre-joint crumbles have this light green hazy shine to them. It’s almost as if the herb is glowing…almost.

This batch smokes beautifully, the exhale carries with it that beautiful citrus jack taste in spades. Clean your binger for this one, it’s worth it. The headchange is great, you remain clearheaded and focused and I swear my memory recall worked just a little bit better than usual. If I had to look for a drawback, it’s not as racy as I like my pure sativas to be, but it’d worth noting there is zero paranoid edge which is nice. This is really a fantastic any time herb, but probably works best for wake and bakes where you have a full day ahead of you. Another awesome job by the Korova Team!