Quest from Source Cannabis

Quest from Source Cannabis via Evergreen Santa Ana on 6/18/19. THC tested out to 25%. Purchased for $45 plus tax. I was on the hunt for a new sativa here in Santa Ana and one name that I kept seeing pop up over and over again was Quest. I felt like as soon as I saw the sample jar my eyes popped right out of my head. This strain is just straight gorgeous. If there were a weed beauty pageant Quest would win first place without question. I feel terrible tearing it apart to smoke it because feels like destroying a work of art, or at least I what I imagine that must feel like. The pictures speak for themselves.

Big beautiful light green buds with a pinecone like structure with dark orange red hairs breaking through to the surface wherever they can while batting the immense layer of massive triches forcefully besieging every bit of plant matter through to the stem. I feel like “Quest” is a great name because this batch definitely glows like a quest item in a video game. For as loud as she looks, the smell is really muted, much more than I’d expect. There’s a fairly subtle gassy/diesel scent coupled with a bit of floral spice. The smoke is excellent, very smooth, and you catch that diesel on the in and exhale. The headchange is exactly what I’m looking for in a sativa. Although you can space out if not needing to focus, you definitely will find yourself wanting to be active no matter what your current task. I was attempting to watch an old episode of California’s Gold and while I was into the show, I found myself get up, start to pace and eventually I grabbed a kettle bell to keep my fidgeting at bey. It’s an awesome get up and go factor that that will definitely have me reaching for Quest again next time I’m in need of a solid sativa experience. Excellent work from the team at Source, I expect awesome things from them going forward and can’t wait to check out some of their other offerings

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