Dosickeys from North Country Pharms

Dosickeys from North Country Pharms via Evergreen Santa Ana on 6/18/19. THC tested out to 22.51%. Purchased for $60 before tax. Truth be told, I went down to Evergreen that day to get not only a sativa but I was hoping to grab some @Lumpysflowers Lemon Trill to review, but it was out of stock. Hearing awesome things about the Grape Jelly Donut from North Country Pharms, I decided to look over what they had on offer and the Dosickeys won me over on sight alone. I really dig the packaging here and appreciate the little sticker included in the box. The buds have an extremely appealing look that denote the highest levels of cultivation craftsmanship. Dark purples compose the surface as bouquets of sunset colored hairs erupt from deep within the nug as troves of finely sized triches fill in every possible space they can find.

In my first impressions video I said the scent I picked up on was pickle-like out of the jar and I stand by that, but on closer inspection, it has rich tones of spice accompanied hints of floral and pine. When you finger grind it the pine really comes out to an extreme, there’s a freshness that comes with it, almost hits the nose like mint. The buds look tough but aren’t too dense, they break down to soft pebbles and feel like small wads of tissue with the way they run through the fingers. The headchange is a lot less heavy than I imagined it would be. On first look, I thought this would be a real couchlocker/brain basher, but I was pleasantly surprised by the energy this strain brings. It’s really a great feel-good any time kind of smoke, and while it’s not exactly a one hitter quitter, you don’t need to smoke through a fat j to get where you want to be. This herb would be great for a majority of activities, whether you’re watching a movie, playing a game, or even just catching up with some friends it’ll allow you to stay focused and have fun with what you’re doing. This was a great entry experience into the world of North Country Pharms. It’s apparent they put out a quality product and I look forward to reviewing their other offerings in the future.

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