XJ-13 from THC Design

XJ-13 from THC Design via Eaze on 6/27/19. THC tested out to 16.1%. This is normally $39 pre-tax which is a decent price as I’ve seen it for $45 in shops. I had $40 in credit but with tax and delivery it still ended up costing me $20 plus tip. I could have gotten my delivery for free had I put $50 worth of stuff in my cart but I didn’t want to buy cheap boof that I didn’t really want just to get $5 off. There’s also a 2.99 fee Eaze sneaks in with taxes. Feels like too much. However, I was in need of a sativa and had that Eaze credit so I checked out their menu and noticed they had this XJ-13 in stock. I love Jack crosses in general but I’d have to say XJ is my favorite so I was pretty stoked. Sticking my nose in the jar is like heaven, I love that classic Jack scent and this XJ really does it justice. The smell of floral, pine and spice all hit me just right. The nugs are a healthy light green with bits of dark and nice smattering of triches all across their surfaces giving them a nice glow in the sunlight. They are fluffy and break apart easily and lend themselves well to being broken up by finger.

My one criticism of this batch is, while the jar looked full, half the buds themselves were fairly bitsy. I feel like at least part of this should have been put out as a “smalls” or “littles” with a ticket to match. The inhale and exhale are fantastic, if you are a jack fan anyway, as you get that Jack taste throughout. The headchange is definitely energetic and clear headed. You could easily smoke this and go for a morning jog and feel fantastic after. The downside, as is with a lot of sativas, is that the effects are fairly short lived. I ended up burning through this eighth with a quickness because after about 20-30 minutes I’d be reaching for another bowl. That being said, would I buy this again? Absolutely. At $39-45 pretax? Maybe not as there are a lot of options within that price range. At a reduced smalls rate? Without a doubt. Still a fantastic example of XJ-13 from the folks at THC Design and one I wouldn’t hesitate to cop again under the right circumstances.

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