Alien OG from Stoney

Alien OG from Stoney (which is now Puffy) via The Joint in Santa Ana on 6/27/19. THC tested out to 29.14%. Purchased for $40 plus tax. This experience was disappointing at nearly every turn. I spotted some Mendo Breath by @Korovainsider on the menu at The Joint here in Santa Ana for $35 which is a killer ticket compared to other shops in the area. I put my order in on weedmaps and headed out to the ATM. 30 minutes later I arrived at The Joint and my order still wasn’t confirmed but I figured I’d just let them know I made the order online like I had at other shops in the past and I’d be golden. Talked to the budtender and she seemed stunted someone could even order online. She went in the back to investigate and it turned out they were out of the Mendo Breath. I checked out what they had and saw this “Stoney” brand Alien OG which looked decent and tested out fairly high. It was at a slightly higher ticket than the Mendo Breath but I was compromising at that point and had high hopes for the Alien OG. Opened the bag when I got home and was greeted by essentially popcorn nugs. I am not opposed to popcorn nugs, in fact, usually I love them because it means you get awesome herb at a discount. I don’t love paying a full ticket for them though. The pics don’t lie, these are the biggest nugs from the bag.

They are really nice looking popcorn nugs, they have a good structure and are definitely coated in triches, but they are popcorn none the less. The scent is not too loud, but it’s def got that OG smell with a bit of a mint quality from what I can tell. The headchange is pretty decent, you’ll need a couple bowls to get where you’re going but when it does hit it will put you to bed. At this point I can’t say I’ll be buying any #Stoney products until they either use clear bags or reduce their ticket by about 40%. Honestly this should not be sold for more than $25 an 8th and that’s being really generous. My disappointment here is compounded by the fact that I went out to spend less on #korova who consistently has awesome herb and ended up spending more on something that was sub par. Not a good first look for Stoney or The Joint.

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