Strawberry Banana from High Garden

Strawberry Banana from High Garden via Puffy on 7/3/19. THC tested out to 23.42%. Purchased for $24 but is normally $30. I was in need of a sativa and this was one of the few available on Puffy. I decided to give it a go since I believe High Garden is Cru’s outdoor effort and I’ve had great experiences with them in the past. On opening the bag you’re greeted by a musty sweetness, when you break open the nug, that sweet candy/berry scent overwhelms any other scents. The nug itself is very dry to the touch and leaves no residue what so ever on the finger grind. The bud structure is oddly round giving it a shrub like appearance and I think the lack of red hairs and significant triches help add to that. It’s not a very pretty plant.

There’s nothing really notable on the inhale or exhale, although it’s smooth, I don’t pick up on any flavor. The headchange is ok, there’s no racy edge to it which I prefer my sativas have, but this is labeled as a “sativa dominant” so I can’t fault them for that. There is this sort of “derp” element that comes with it, it’s not exactly a spacey feeling but just more of a muted hazy headed feeling. There’s a little get up in it but not much, it’s fine for hanging out and watching TV, but if you’re looking for motivation or inspiration you won’t find it in this batch of Strawberry Banana. I can’t recommend it at any ticket really, it’s just not that great of an experience, your resources would be better placed copping something of a higher caliber. This is one of the issues of buying herb sight unseen via a delivery service. I may buy High Garden again but at this point it won’t be via delivery.

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