Baklava from Alien Labs

Baklava from Alien Labs via Puffy on 7/3/19. THC tested out to 26.2%. Purchased for $60 pre-tax, normally $90 according to the Puffy website. After having a good experience with the smalls, I wanted to try out a real deal indoor eighter and see if it was worth the higher ticket. On opening the jar I realized how apt a name “smalls” is as these nugs look very similar structure wise to their tiny counterparts. Big chunky green boulders crusted in beautiful triches.

The nose is extremely sweet with a slight bit of musty spicy freshness. Smells like walking through a foreign fruit market where you’re unfamiliar with all the fruit but it smells great. The inhale and exhale are both smooth as expected and yield a bit of that sweet fruity taste. The headchange comes on quick and sits on your head in a way that’s hard to describe. It feels like someone took a warm fuzzy damp towel and wrapped it around your brain. I found myself pleasantly drifting off into my own thoughts, not exactly feeling sleepy, but drifting off miles away where you then snap back to reality and have to ask yourself “what was I doing?”. In short, it’ll leave you hella spacey which is appropriate given the source. The effect has a significant staying power, as where if I managed to finish a bowl, I wouldn’t be reaching for another one for quite sometime. It’s definitely deserving of a top tier ticket as Baklava brings a unique top tier experience. Would I pay $90 for this? No, I honestly can’t say I would. I don’t fault Alien Labs for the pricing as that’s not within their control, but I do think this is the unfortunate side of effect of an emerging market. If you don’t shop smart, you’ll end up paying too much, but I suppose that’s true of retail in general. If you can find it at a ticket you feel comfortable with and like what you’ve read in this review then I can’t recommend it enough. Another great effort by the folks at Alien Labs!

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