SFV from Lowell Farms

SFV from Lowell Farms via The Spot in Santa Ana on 7/06/19. THC tested out to 20%. Normally $35 plus tax but I got it for $10 via The Spots awesome happy hour special. I’ve heard about Lowell Farms for a while now, I feel like they were one of the first names I saw being tossed around frequently when the rec market was getting on it’s feet in California, so it’s about time I give some of their product a shot. I grabbed this SFV as I was in need of an indica and this was available on special. On opening the jar you get this very light yet signature OG scent. When you finger grind it, the nose intensifies and really gives you a whiff of that classic OG smell with hints of mint and pine to boot. By the looks of it, it’s clearly outdoor, but it’s some pretty decent outdoor. Mostly dark green with occasional sprouts of dark orange reddish hairs.

When you break it up it does have a bit of stick to your fingers which was pleasantly surprising. The smoke is smooth enough on the in and exhale but doesn’t really carry much of a flavor I can pick up on. The headchange is pretty decent. It’s not exactly a hardcore thwacker but it is heavy enough after a couple bowls it gets the job done. This is a really great herb if you’re able to pick it up on a bargain ticket like I did. This was a great first time experience with Lowell Farms, if the quality is consistent then it’s a great deal for $10, for $35 not so much. I’d say a fair ticket for this would be about $20 plus tax, I’d have no issue repeating this experience at that price point.

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