Mike and Larry #8 (sample) from Indoor Organic Gardens

Mike and Larry #8 (sample) from Indoor Organic Gardens received on 7/18/19. This is the only sample I received from IOG that’s not a cross with GMO (It’s Gelato 45 x Larry OG F8) so I was unsure what to expect, but once I popped the jar and put eyes on this beauty, I knew it was another banger. These are big beefy nugs with a blizzard of triches so thick that it’s hard to determine the surface colors of the of the plant itself. Through the frost I can make out a budscape of fluctuating colors that rapidly transition from light to dark green with rusty orange hairs making rare appearances on top of the calyx but staying mostly confined to the crevices of the nug.

Out of the jar you get this really nice musty spice scent that has hints of floral sweetness to it. On the finger grind the spiciness amps up a bit and comes off with a light ginger like zing while maintaining that sweetness in the background. The inhale is smooth as I no doubt expected and the exhale has an interesting muted taste. I pick up on floral and savory, and while pleasant, it’s really hard to pin down. The effect has a nice smack up front and settles in right on the top of your forehead, it then slowly sinks in down behind the eyes. I feel focused and alert enough to handle any given task, but have a bit of that “forgot what I was just doing before I smoked” feeling, which is perfect if you need a recover from a rough day or even morning. I found myself just wanting to kick back and watch a movie and forget about any responsibilities I may have. It seemed to zoom me out in a philosophical way where I started to ask myself “Do these things I’m stressed about really matter?” which is definitely a point of view everybody needs to visit on occasion. Mike and Larry #8 takes you to a place where you can find your calm and reset, where you can evaluate what matters from a 10,000 foot level and touch on a little bit of that nirvana like feeling without leaving the earth. This is not a strain that should be taken lightly, if you have full day of tasks a head of you, wake and baking on Mike and Larry may not result in you finishing those tasks. If you’re having a hard time with something in your life though Mike and Larry #8 is the type of herb that can give you an elevated perspective and help you find the path through it. At the end of the day it’ll definitely put you to bed too as it hits extremely hard and will make your head heavy. This sample run from IOG has been a fantastic experience and is honestly amongst some of the best herb I’ve smoked in my entire life. Everything so far I’ve reviewed from them has been of the highest caliber and I have no doubt if you find their product in the wild you will not be disappointed. Fantastic job once again IOG. If I was the kind of dude to wear hats, mine would definitely be off to you!

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