Rising Sun from Cream of the Crop

Rising Sun from Cream of the Crop via SCSA on 8/7/19. THC tested out to 29.8% and 31.32% cannabinoids total. Purchased for $60 plus sales tax. @thepristinegreen posted a few Cream of the Crop Strains that caught my eye in the passed few months so when I was in need of a new sativa I decided to throw down on this Rising Sun and see what they were all about. To be honest I was hoping to get my hands on their Nepali Pink but they were sold out so I settled on this since it was the most sativa leaning hybrid in stock. You can tell this herb is excellently cultivated, and while it has a good look to it, it’s nothing to really write home about. The surface is mostly a light green with very sparse and extremely light colored bunches of orange hairs and a healthy frosting of triches.

The nose out of the jar comes off as a dirty citrus, like an orange that fell off a tree in your grandma’s backyard and stayed there for a couple days before you picked it up and cut it open just for the smell of it. While it does not finger grind well, it does leave a spicy earthy smell with hints of sweetness, it’s interesting how the sweetness actually becomes more muted on the finger grind. The smoke is smooth and I pick up on a hint of that spicy earth on the exhale. The headchange comes on fast and has a slightly racy edge to it at first, but it quickly tapers off into a heavier yet still functional head high, with the effect eventually falling off all together fairly quickly. I smoked through this 8th disappointingly fast. You’ll definitely have no issue focusing and staying on task with this strain but it’s just a little heavier than I’d like for a wake and bake. It was not being pushed as a pure sativa though, but more as a slightly sativa leaning hybrid, so that does fall in line with my expectation. While I feel like this is a pretty good quality herb with favorable effects, $60 really seems out of line with the experience. When you approach Lumpy’s territory you really need to offer something of similar quality to match and, simply put, this ain’t it. I’d definitely be a repeat buyer for this strain at around $40-45 out the door. Sorry Cream of the Crop, I liked it, just not enough to justify that price point.

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