Sour Power OG from Kush Co

Sour Power OG from Kush Co via Cana Farms on 8/30/19. THC tested out to 23.22%. Purchased for $68 out the door. I happened to be on the valley when I saw Cana Farms had noted this limited drop from Kushco on the very same day. I’d heard of Kush Co for a while now but I’d never had the opportunity to try anything from them as of yet so when it presented myself I jumped in. This herb is fantastic looking. The intense shine is the first thing that catches the eye on opening the jar. The triches are so intense on the light green yet purple speckled surface that it gives the bud this sort of silver look overall.

While visually stunning the nose is really the first thing that hits the senses when you open the jar. As soon as you untwist the cap you’re smacked in the face with this beautiful sour gassy smell with just a bit of a rubber undertone. On breaking down the herb the smell doesn’t change at all, it just intensifies at every stage down to the finger grind. Speaking of, it’s the type of herb that sticks to the fingers when you tear it apart and doesn’t want to let go. This batch is extremely sticky. I tried to capture a video with my very last bit of nug, it came out a little blurry, but I think it gets the point across. I don’t pick up on anything in particular on the inhale but the exhale comes out all diesel. The headchange comes on fast and brings a slight amount of energy with it. It’s not debilitating and doesn’t prevent you from focusing but it you really feel it hit you right between the eyes and it travel straight down into the body. I think this herb would be great for those kind of days where you’re stressing on minor details and need to just get in that IDGAF mode so you can step back and prioritize. KushCo did an awesome job on this batch and it’s definitely deserving of getting the top tier ticket it demands. If you can find it at a ticket you feel comfortable with and like what you’ve read here then I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. The one caveat I’d put on your purchase is to check the dates on the jar as I discovered my jar is from February while @2478sponger reports that his batch (purchased from the same spot) was harvested at the start of August and tested out at a slightly higher THC percentage. I don’t think it really effected the quality of my experience but it’s good to thing of which to be aware.

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