Raspberry Cheesecake from Indoor Organic Gardens

Raspberry Cheesecake (Wedding Cake x Sunset Sherbet) from Indoor Organic Gardens received as a birthday present on 8/21/19. Usually I don’t make two posts on one day but I had to do something to get the taste of that Undisputed 87 out of my mouth and this Raspberry Cheesecake was perfect remedy for exactly that. Everything about this batch is absolutely fantastic. The nugs are a gorgeous deep dark purple with these bright orange hairs dotting the surface area. It almost looks like the outline of a mountain in the early evening after a brush fire where it’s mostly under control and only spot fires remain. There’s also a thick frosting of triches that gives it a beautiful glow in the sunshine.

The smell out of the bag is an incredible mix of fruity and sugary sweet and comes off as a delicious berry frosting. On breaking the nug and taking a whiff it smells exactly like fruity pebbles cereal. When you finger grind it down that berry sweetness intensifies coupled with a vanilla musk that reemerges which really speaks to its namesake. The inhale is also sweet and while minor, I detect a faint hint of caramel. On the exhale I catch a sweet zing that comes off a bit like sweet tart candy. The headchange comes on fast and leaves you dazed. So dazed that some how I managed to forgot to take pictures of this batch like I normally do. That’s a first! I managed to snap a few today of the bit I had left and added one with a cameo from my lady’s cat but head back to my first impressions video to get a much more detailed look. After the preliminary smack I found myself easily distracted and lost in thought but not couchlocked in any kind of way. It puts you in a great mood with plenty of energy to hit the fridge but about an hour later as the initial buzz wears off you may find yourself ready for a nap. It might be a little too heavy for a wake and bake, but I’d consider this a great strain for any time of day and pretty much any activity that doesn’t require intense focus. Once again IOG absolutely smashes it with another fantastic batch and proves they are true masters of high end cannabis cultivation. Excellent work IOG, thank you for being a shinning star in a cold and vast universe filled with overpriced boof.

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