Sherb Cake from Indoor Organic Gardens

Sherb Cake (Wedding Cake x Sunset Sherbet) from Indoor Organic Gardens received as a birthday present on 8/21/19. It’s still fascinating to me that the same genetics can yield two completely different plants. While this is a sister to the Raspberry Cheesecake there are subtle differences that make for a unique smoking experience. While equally impressive on the visual front these buds split the color spectrum from bright lime green to deep purple hues all while carrying forward the same burnt orange hairs and immaculate frosting of triches demonstrated by its sibling.

The nose out of the bag is sweet with a backend of mint and pine. On the nug break the pine makes its way to the forefront. On the hand grind that sweetness really comes out and leaves just a bit of stickiness on the finger tips. I’d describe this sweetness as more of a sugary sweet, it hits my nose sort of a like a vanilla frosting, as opposed to the berry powered sweetness of its sister. The inhale is smooth and on the exhale I catch a bit of vanilla sweetness. The headchange comes on fast and you’ll quickly lose track of what you were doing just before you sat down to smoke. It’s got a similar thwack to the cheesecake in the sense that it leaves you dazed in most pleasant way without sapping you of your energy so you can actually enjoy your buzz. It’s the type of herb that puts you in a fantastic mood and is an awesome way to usher in the weekend on a Friday afternoon. Whatever your plans might be, as long as they don’t require supreme focus, you’ll find yourself having a blast after getting some Sherb Cake in your lungs. I really can’t thank the team at IOG enough, not only for gifting me with these sweet samples, but for putting out some of the best cannabis in existence period. While I haven’t tried everything they’ve produced, I’m confident in saying if you pick up some genuine IOG, you’ll be holding some of the most expertly cultivated cannabis on the planet without a doubt.

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