Modified Obama Kush from Indoor Organic Gardens

Modified Obama Kush from Indoor Organic Gardens via Gulf Coast Haze Collective on 10/31/19. THC tested out to 21.95%. Acquired for a donation of $50. The final review from this last round of IOG bangers. These semi-dense buds are a deep aubergine with pumpkin pie orange hairs and patches of light green surface area that almost go unnoticed due to the camouflage afforded them by an impressively thick layer of triches.

The nose out of the jar hits as this salty savory musty pepper bringing to mind images of an old ocean marina. On breaking open the bud I get an interesting savory and fresh scent that hits the nose like a fresh uncooked well seasoned steak. When breaking it down by hand that scent blends in to a salty pine with just a slight hint of mint in the background. The inhale is smooth as expected and I detect notes of mint, salt and a touch of floral that seem to work together to bring out a unique sweet taste that’s hard to describe, but reminds me of the skin of a really sweet apple. The exhale comes off as nice combo of that salty mint and pine that combine into a savory freshness. The headchange has a nice initial thwap but it doesn’t leave you too spacey or debilitated. You can feel that pressure build in the middle of the forehead at first and from there it seems to radiate out to the temples, right under the eyes and on top of the cheeks, then slowly makes it way into your limbs giving your whole body that sort of floaty sensation. The feeling is nearly oxymoronic as I have that sense of buoyancy while at the same time I feel like I’m being slowly vacuum sealed to the couch. Overtime there’s a heaviness that settles into the eyes which may lead you to a nap if you were tired before you smoked but otherwise doesn’t seem too overpowering. I’d say it’s a good strain to help you ease into a relaxing evening. You can watch TV or play games without feeling too sedated to keep track of what’s going on while feeling couchlocked enough to just enjoy kicking back. Depending on what was on offer I wouldn’t hesitate in picking this up again for the ticket. However if was a choice between these last 3 and I could only pick one I’d probably go with the Willie’s Kushmints as that was my favorite. That said, this was another fantastic experience from IOG, and from what they’ve told me they’re working hard to dial in these strains for the next round so I can’t even imagine what that’s going to be like. However I most definitely look forward to finding out. Top quality work once again IOG!

LA Kush Cake from Indoor Organic Gardens

LA Kush Cake from Indoor Organic Gardens via Gulf Coast Haze Collective on 10/31/19. THC tested out to 20.27%. Acquired for a donation of $50. Another beautiful batch of flower from the current collection of IOG making the rounds. These semi dense buds are a deep rich purple with lime green accents contrasted against fireplace orange pistils encrusted in stunning triches that give off a diamond-like shine.

The nose out of the jar is a mild sweet mustIness with a minor vanilla cake background. When breaking the nug that sugar sweetness stays present but I also pick up on notes of mint and rubber. When breaking it down by hand you get a slight stick on the fingers and the mint really steps to the foreground while holding equal presence with that sugar sweetness. The inhale is smooth as expected, and I get a little sense of that mint on the way in, while it shifts on the exhale to a muted mint with a gassy background and a touch of a sweet aftertaste. The headchange comes on quick and feels like getting smacked in the face with a hunk of pizza dough. My eyes are hazy and tired and I feel just a slight touch of weight on the forehead down into the bridge of my nose. I used it to take the edge off a cup of afternoon coffee, which was a great balance of energy and euphoria at first, but it quickly went from taking the edge off to taking the whole cup. As time passes this one definitely settles in and if you don’t keep your body and mind active you’re going to find yourself heavy eyed and bound for a weed nap, if not a good nights rest, depending on the time of day. It’s really a fantastic herb for the end of the day if you’re looking to slowly melt into the couch and then slowly fade out of existence. I continue to be impressed with the quality that IOG produces. I know they are tireless perfectionists who are constantly striving to improve their output and never remain complacent with the results. Excellent work once again to the team at IOGgulfcoastla #cannabisreview #cannabiscommunity #weedreview #luxuryweed #luxurycannabis #ocweed #losganjales #inlandhempire #ocoilers #bottomshelf #boofpatrol #glockteam #kronic #highlife #kushgang #weedhashtags #weshouldsmoke #thc #mmj #caliweed #highlife #stoner #justblazeig #cannabisculture #terps #weedstagram #westcoastweed #okcool

Willie’s Kushmints from Indoor Organic Gardens

Willie’s Kushmints from Indoor Organic Gardens via Gulf Coast Haze Collective on 10/31/19. THC tested out to 25.24%. Acquired for a donation of $50 total. When I saw IOG was making new drops around So Cal I was determined to get my hands on some. These Willie’s Kushmints are absolutely stunning. The buds are a beautiful combination of light green and deep purple with pale orange hairs winding their way through the crags of a trich blasted nugscape.

The nose out of the jar is fruity with a sweet cake. In my first impressions video I said it smells like those delicious Bon Appetite Berry Cheese Danishes that you’d get at a gas station and I stand by that description. On breaking the nug I pick up the same scent however it gets louder and is accompanied by a hint of mint. When breaking it up by hand you get a slight stick on the fingers and the mint blasts its way to the foreground battling for dominance against that sweet vanilla cake scent. The inhale is smooth as expected and I pick up on a taste that reminds me of toasted marshmallow while on the exhale I get mint with a sort of earthy copper aftertaste. The headchange is very interesting as it comes on quick but grips your brain gently at first and then starts to slowly squeeze. As I was walking around the house I felt as if everything just slowed down. After a single bowl any sense of urgency I had in the minutes before completely disappeared. I found myself on autopilot with the occasional hiccup, like opening the wrong cupboard and taking what felt like 2 or 3 full seconds to understand that, as I moved through the chores on my list. Even while putting together this review I find myself writing words out of order or writing the wrong words all together. My thought processes all twisted up and slightly suspended like the noodles in a plate of spaghetti. Over time, it’ll sap of you of your energy completely and you’ll want to find place to sit down for a while, hopefully in front of TV with drink and snack in hand as I feel the munchies are strong with this one. Overall I’d say WKM doesn’t smack so much as it does smashes you slowly into the ground until you’re ready for a nap. Another fantastic batch from IOG at a really reasonable ticket when considering it’s of the highest caliber. Great work to the awesome folks at IOG once again, I definitely didn’t expect anything less, but you guys really knocked out of the park.

Sherb Cake from Indoor Organic Gardens

Sherb Cake (Wedding Cake x Sunset Sherbet) from Indoor Organic Gardens received as a birthday present on 8/21/19. It’s still fascinating to me that the same genetics can yield two completely different plants. While this is a sister to the Raspberry Cheesecake there are subtle differences that make for a unique smoking experience. While equally impressive on the visual front these buds split the color spectrum from bright lime green to deep purple hues all while carrying forward the same burnt orange hairs and immaculate frosting of triches demonstrated by its sibling.

The nose out of the bag is sweet with a backend of mint and pine. On the nug break the pine makes its way to the forefront. On the hand grind that sweetness really comes out and leaves just a bit of stickiness on the finger tips. I’d describe this sweetness as more of a sugary sweet, it hits my nose sort of a like a vanilla frosting, as opposed to the berry powered sweetness of its sister. The inhale is smooth and on the exhale I catch a bit of vanilla sweetness. The headchange comes on fast and you’ll quickly lose track of what you were doing just before you sat down to smoke. It’s got a similar thwack to the cheesecake in the sense that it leaves you dazed in most pleasant way without sapping you of your energy so you can actually enjoy your buzz. It’s the type of herb that puts you in a fantastic mood and is an awesome way to usher in the weekend on a Friday afternoon. Whatever your plans might be, as long as they don’t require supreme focus, you’ll find yourself having a blast after getting some Sherb Cake in your lungs. I really can’t thank the team at IOG enough, not only for gifting me with these sweet samples, but for putting out some of the best cannabis in existence period. While I haven’t tried everything they’ve produced, I’m confident in saying if you pick up some genuine IOG, you’ll be holding some of the most expertly cultivated cannabis on the planet without a doubt.

Kush Sorbet from Indoor Organic Gardens

Kush Sorbet (Sunset Sherbet x Triangle Kush) from Indoor Organic Gardens received as a birthday present on 8/21/19. The is another absolute banger from IOG. The surface of the nugs are a beautiful mix of dark purple hues and lime green patches completely frosted from base to tip in a layer of triches so thick it looks like it was applied via a mini paint sprayer.

The smell out of the bag is a one two punch to the nostrils of sweet mint coupled with pine. On the nug break the sweet mint and pine are all there but there’s this savory earth element in the background that’s hard to identify. On the hand grind you get a nice stickiness on the fingers and the scents all combine into a sensational sweet candy like nose that really comes hard with the mint. It reminds me of a flavor you might find in 5 Gum. The inhale is smooth and I catch a noticeable sweetness while on the exhale there’s a creamy mint taste the leaves itself on the tongue. The headchange on this one is straight violent! This batch smacks like a mack truck and scatters you on the roadway. Early on I made the mistake of burning through back to back bowls and I have to say this strain has thoroughly put me to bed more than once since it was gifted to me. Just burning through greens on a single bowl I feel the weight of the entire week lifted off my shoulders. It’s really giving me that turn up the music and bop your head to the beat kinda hell yeah it’s Friday feeling. My head is entirely weightless and it’s frankly a little hard to concentrate and finish up this review. There’s an energy that comes with it up top but it quickly dissipates as you really start to feel it in the eyes and then it slowly makes it’s way to the back of your neck and into your shoulders. It has such a thwap it almost feels like being likely dizzy where you have a bit of trouble focusing but in the most enjoyable way. And that’s not even burning through a whole bowl! Insane. It makes you want to stretch, kick back, and chill until you find yourself weed napping or in need of a coffee to keep you going. You’ll want to save this one for the end of the day when you’ve got your shit handled and you’re ready to achieve ultimate chill. Stellar work once again IOG! If I saw this in a store there’s no way I’d be leaving without it.

Raspberry Cheesecake from Indoor Organic Gardens

Raspberry Cheesecake (Wedding Cake x Sunset Sherbet) from Indoor Organic Gardens received as a birthday present on 8/21/19. Usually I don’t make two posts on one day but I had to do something to get the taste of that Undisputed 87 out of my mouth and this Raspberry Cheesecake was perfect remedy for exactly that. Everything about this batch is absolutely fantastic. The nugs are a gorgeous deep dark purple with these bright orange hairs dotting the surface area. It almost looks like the outline of a mountain in the early evening after a brush fire where it’s mostly under control and only spot fires remain. There’s also a thick frosting of triches that gives it a beautiful glow in the sunshine.

The smell out of the bag is an incredible mix of fruity and sugary sweet and comes off as a delicious berry frosting. On breaking the nug and taking a whiff it smells exactly like fruity pebbles cereal. When you finger grind it down that berry sweetness intensifies coupled with a vanilla musk that reemerges which really speaks to its namesake. The inhale is also sweet and while minor, I detect a faint hint of caramel. On the exhale I catch a sweet zing that comes off a bit like sweet tart candy. The headchange comes on fast and leaves you dazed. So dazed that some how I managed to forgot to take pictures of this batch like I normally do. That’s a first! I managed to snap a few today of the bit I had left and added one with a cameo from my lady’s cat but head back to my first impressions video to get a much more detailed look. After the preliminary smack I found myself easily distracted and lost in thought but not couchlocked in any kind of way. It puts you in a great mood with plenty of energy to hit the fridge but about an hour later as the initial buzz wears off you may find yourself ready for a nap. It might be a little too heavy for a wake and bake, but I’d consider this a great strain for any time of day and pretty much any activity that doesn’t require intense focus. Once again IOG absolutely smashes it with another fantastic batch and proves they are true masters of high end cannabis cultivation. Excellent work IOG, thank you for being a shinning star in a cold and vast universe filled with overpriced boof.