Guava Gas from Norcal Nemo

Guava Gas from Norcal Nemo via Gulf Coast Haze Collective on 9/12/19. Acquired a half for a donation of $210. If you saw my first impressions video then you already know how absolutely stunning this batch of Guava Gas is. The nugs are big beefy light green mountains with the occasional dark green and purple wisps streaking briefly across the surface accented with rare bunches of dark amber pistils and an intense coating of sugar like triches at every layer.

The smell out of the jar is a symphony of scents lead by fruity sweet followed by pine and mint and a bit of must. When you break open a nug it’s so fruity and fresh it brings to mind images of vendors in foreign fruit markets busting open all sorts of colorful juicy fruits that I’ve only seen on the discovery channel. If this is what guava smells like then it’s awesome. When breaking it down by hand you get a smell that I can only describe as a fruity vic’s vapor rub. It’s this very sweet scent that feels like it’s backed by eucalyptus. The inhale is super smooth and has one of the most unique tastes I’ve come across yet. It has this beer like quality, not so much the taste but it feels like there is a rich foamy carbonated sort of flavor, it’s very hard to describe. The exhale comes off as this minty pine, it’s definitely a freshness of some sort but again remains very hard to pin down. The headchange is really fantastic. It hits you with this euphoric feel good energy right up top while at the same time leaving you wholly glassy eyed. Slowly it settles in on your forehead with that fuzzy warm feeling and starts to taper off that energy just a bit. Eventually it seems like it brings the energy back up while still settling further into your body. This is really a fantastic any time smoke, you feel slapped but have energy and can be fully cognizant and focused if need be. Truly fantastic effort Norcal Nemo. You are a master at what you do and I’ll be lucky to get my hands on more of your work.

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