Tropikoolato from Gas Co /5 Points / The Backpack Boyz

Tropikoolato from Gas Co /5 Points / The Backpack Boyz via a generous benefactor that prefer to remain nameless on 9/12/19. There’s no testing info as it’s from the STREETZ. My benefactor copped this for $50 out the door. This batch consisted of two beefy nugs that could barely make their way out of the bag. The colors on the surface shift from light green to dark purple with dark orange hairs springing up all over the place frosted in a nice coating of tiny triches. Visually it’s very reminiscent of some Mimosa I had not too long ago.

The scent out of the bag is a musty backyard orange that I always relate to the oranges from random orange trees that dot the land here in Orange County. It has a more earthy smell than oranges you pick up from the supermarket. Breaking down the nug, the nose remains predominantly orange, but reveals a bit of spiciness in the background. On the hand grind, I pick on on a surprisingly sweet lemon lime scent with a candy like zing, which coincides with the fruit loaded artwork on the bag itself. You don’t really get any stickiness on the fingers on the breakdown, and while dense, the nugs feel like thick styrofoam when you bust them apart. On the inhale I catch a bit of a spice and on the exhale I get a sense for those musty oranges once again. The headchange comes on quick but doesn’t hit too heavy where it leaves you dazed and incapacitated. It feels more like a sativa leaning hybrid as it has a decent amount of euphoric energy and you have the ability to focus if needed but also comes with a fuzziness that sits just on top of the forehead and sinks right in behind the eyes. It’s definitely a good day time smoke that would work with any sort of weekend activities you might have going. From gaming to hiking to just hanging out and watching a movie, Tropikoolato would make a good chilling companion for any time of day and it won’t put you down for the count. I definitely enjoyed this one on more than one wake and bake. Great work to the folks at GasCo / 5 Points/ Backback Boyz!

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