Banana Runtz from Syngery Cannabis

Banana Runtz from Syngery Cannabis via a generous benefactor that prefer to remain nameless on 9/12/19. Originally picked up at Cookies Melrose. THC tested out to 25.37%. Purchased originally for $50 plus tax. I loved Golden State Banana so I was stoked to be given the opportunity to check out these Banana Runtz. The one big bud I was gifted had a nice solid structure. As you run your eyes across the nug surface it quickly switches back and forth from dark to light green with gangly reddish brown pistils and a generous frosting of triches so numerous at points it’s hard to make out the color at all.

The nose out of the jar is musty and peppery in a way that hit me like the smell of opening a drawer of real wood dresser that’s been untouched in storage for a long time. On busting the nug you get a surprisingly fruity scent and it relegates that mustiness to the background. On the hand grind is where the Runtz really shines through. I pick up on a very sugary sweet candy like scent that leaves a bit of stickiness on my fingers. On the inhale I caught a hint of that pepper and it was a little bit harsh on the throat. On the exhale I got just a bit of musty sweetness. The headchange comes on fast and has a nice smack to it but won’t leave you dazed or couchlocked. It’s a very even keel hybrid that hits you in the eyes but doesn’t make you feel too tired. I’d say it’s a good midday strain that would suit any activity you have going, whether it’s channel surfing or actual surfing, Banana Runtz would make a decent companion. I might pick this up again depending on what else is available as it wasn’t a bad experience but it wasn’t anything too special either. If it were between this and the Golden State Banana I’d gravitate toward the GSB every time. If you find it at a ticket you’re comfortable with I’d say it’s worth a shot if you like what you’ve read on it here. Definitely looking forward to trying more from the team at Synergy Cannabis!

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