Crescendo from THC Design

Crescendo from THC Design via Tropicanna on 9/25/19. THC tested out to 30.84%. Purchased for $40 plus tax minus 20% for first time discount. When I saw THC Design had a sativa floating around testing out to over 30% I knew I had to get my hands on it. While I know THC percentages don’t mean everything, they do mean something, so my interested was extremely piqued. When you open the jar you’re greeted by mass of smaller not so dense buds making the container look extremely full. The surface of the herb is a fairly uniform light green with occasional hints of dark green with rare orange pistils making their way to the top of the tiny nug canopy and a decent amount of triches that slightly change the look and give it this sort of yellowish tinge.

The nose out of the jar is a strong peppery must with a very faint fruitiness in the background. On the nug break you get that pepper smell still but that light fruity sweetness intensifies just a bit. On the finger grind the pepper smell is relegated to the background and you’re just left with that fruity sweetness, but it’s not too intense, it’s very pleasant yet mild in nature. The buds break down well by hand as they have the density of popcorn and will leave a trich film on your fingers afterward. The inhale is smooth and I catch that pepper making itself known again while on the exhale I get a nice earthy musty finish. The headchange is awesome and exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to sativas. It comes on fast and has a nice thwap that you can feel in the front of your forehead and on the top of your eyes but also brings a fantastic clear headed energy that will allow you to happily dive in to any given task at hand. It quickly became my preferred wake and bake smoke and I think that says a lot on its own. THC Design knocked this one out of the park on every level. From the ticket, to the smoke, to the headchange this one ticks all the boxes for a sativa. I’ll definitely be picking up some more soon. Excellent work to the team at THC Design!

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