Pie Face OG from Ember Valley

Pie Face OG from Ember Valley via Tropicanna on 9/25/19. THC tested out to 23.39%. Purchased for $55 plus tax minus 20% first time discount. I’ve been aware of Ember Valley for quite some time now. They’re putting out a heavy arsenal of firepower that has impressed a few of my reviewer cohorts so I’m stoked to finally get my hands on some. This batch is extremely dense and there’s barely any give to the squeeze. These tightly packed buds have a beautiful light green landscape that’s accented by rich purple hues and tightly wound auburn pistils that push their way to a surface that’s coated in a light frosting of petite triches.

On opening the jar you’re slapped in the face with a smell that seems to go mute near immediately. It’s honestly a bit of a head scratcher but there is this sweet fruity scent that hits your nose at first that’s quickly relegated to the background as this pleasant rubber smell comes in and takes over. I haven’t smoked a lot of hash, but it’s that new pencil eraser rubber like smell that reminds me of old school hash in Amsterdam. On the nug break that sweetness becomes even more faint and while the rubber smell remains it seems slightly more muted as well. On the hand break down it actually seems to dissipate even more and it’s really hard to gauge the smell, it’s one of the more difficult to nail down scent profiles I’ve come across, but it does leave a nice bit of stickiness on the fingers after you’re done with it. The inhale is smooth has that rubber hashy taste as expected and on the exhale I feel like the rubber taste kind of widens out into this nice deep fuel like finish. As for the headchange, this was honestly one of the heaviest creepers I’ve experienced in recent memory. You can easily burn through back to back bowls but only minutes after that second bowl will you really start to feel the effects of this Pie Face OG. In a group chat with some reviewer pals I described it as feeling “like it sneaks up behind you methodically and puts a rag soaked in slow acting ether over your mouth”. It took me a while to put that sentence together while in grips of this flower’s effects. It was hard to concentrate, hard to spell, hard to even stay awake as the ether like effects took over and sent me to bed pretty much every time. This is fantastic evening strain that’s perfect for obliterating your worries about the real world and helping you get a good nights sleep. This was a great introduction into the world of Ember Valley. I definitely look forward to getting my hands on more of their flower and wouldn’t hesitate to pick up Pie Face OG again when I need something guaranteed to knock me out. Fantastic job to the crew at Ember Valley!

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