Area 41 from Alien Labs

Area 41 from Alien Labs via Connected Bellflower on 9/25/19. THC tested out to 25.89%. Purchased for $80 minus 20% first time patient discount. It seems like every review I’ve read on Area 41 has been overwhelmingly positive so when I saw Connected Bellflower had it on deck for their Grand Opening I figured it was time to jump in and see what’s what. The buds in this batch are beautiful light green shrub like boulders with dark reddish brown hairs that are fairly numerous but nearly go unnoticed at points as they’re camouflaged by a dense layer of triches that give the surface a slightly yellowish hue.

On opening the jar the scent nearly leaps out and bops you on the nose with a gorgeous bouquet of sweet fruits that I’ve come to describe as “that foreign fruit market smell” with just a hint of citrus in the background. On breaking the nug I pick up on a lemony sweetness that really zings the nostrils. Breaking it down by hand it really widens out into an array of citrus scents while it also leaves so many huge triches on your fingers they nearly feel like grains of salt between them. The inhale is smooth and I don’t detect really any sort of a taste but the exhale is something else. Not only is it this delicious lemon fuel but it’s the only herb I can recall that leaves such a strong aftertaste in your mouth. I feel like I was tasting it for a good 2-3 minutes after I’d taken my last rip. The headchange is a real wallop and I can understand why it has such a positive reputation amongst my reviewer buds. After only two rips I found myself absolutely lost in the sauce. Watching TV I started to space out so hard at points that I’d go literally slack jawed and only on snapping back into reality for a few brief moments at a time would I realize it. I’d say it’s good herb to smoke any time you want to get sent straight to space as It does indeed smack like a mack truck. Area 41 really is a fantastic herb and while I would have a hard time paying the normal ticket on the regular I think I’d be down to splurge on it now and then. If I ever find it on sale, I’m definitely going to be there in a heart beat. Fantastic work on this one Alien Labs, you more than killed it on this batch, you murdered it threw it in a ditch and lit it on fire.

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