Fuelato from Connected California

Fuelato from Connected California via Connected Bellflower on 9/25/19. THC tested out to 22.95%. Purchased for One whole American Dollar on special. It’s hard for me to do a review on a G but since I got this one on special I figured I’d give it a shot. From what I’ve been told, this is the same cross as Alien Labs Area 41 so I may draw some comparisons here and there between the two as I go. The buds here are a little squished from their journey in the bag which is really a point against bags. I know it might be cost prohibitive to put Gs in jars but I feel like it’s best for preserving the nug/triches overall. The surface is a familiar light green with dark brown hairs coupled with a similar layer of triches that give them a slightly yellowish tint. The buds themselves look more pine tree like as opposed to the shrub like buds found in the Area 41 jar.

Out of the bag, while faint, I do detect a slightly sweet lemon smell. On breaking the nug this sugary sweetness mildly dominates the scent profile with a very faint smell of lemon in the background. On the finger grind the sugary sweetness still takes center stage while that lemon is hanging out in the wings. Breaking it down by hand was a little more difficult than it was with the Area 41, which again, I’m going to pin on being squished in the bag. It also didn’t leave any sort of stickiness on the fingers nor lingering triches. The headchange is solid but nothing like the near one hitter quitter status I experienced with Area 41. I was able to smoke a couple bowls back to back and while it’s heavy, it’s not debilitating, and it does have a feel good euphoric aspect to it. You can function and focus if need be while still feeling that pressure behind the eyes and down into the body. It might be a little too heavy for a wake and bake but I’d say it’s a decent herb for any time of day. That said all things being equal, if it is indeed the same cross as Area 41, I have to give this one to Alien Labs. If not, on it’s own merits it’s a fairly decent herb but one I was glad to get on special and may be hesitant to cop at the full ticket, especially if it comes in a bag.

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