Star Dust from Alien Labs

Star Dust from Alien Labs via Connected Santa Ana on 10/07/19. THC tested out to 23.95%. Purchased for $40 out the door. I spotted this Star Dust on the Connected Santa Ana menu at a killer rate so swooped in ASAP and picked it up. Unlike the Gushers this batch wasn’t too old as it was packaged back on 6/14 so I was surprised to see it at such a discount. This batch was comprised of a few bigger fox tail-ish buds. The surface was a light lime green with dark purple lilts made even lighter looking overall by the thick layer of triches that ran through every layer of the nug with only the occasional and rare appearance being made by some petite orange pistils.

The nose out of the jar was a musty pepper with an extremely faint sweet citrus in the background. It was so faint it was really hard to pin down but I did detect something other than just pepper. On the nug break the pepper was still ever present and seemed to dominate the scent profile. On the hand break down I picked up on a subtle sweet citrus that got closer to the foreground but was still playing second fiddle to that musty peppery scent while the triches were left feeling like big grains of salt running between my fingers. The inhale was smooth and I of course caught the slight taste of pepper as you might expect. On the exhale I pick up on a fresh aspect, it hit my tongue as vaguely mint. The headchange comes on quick and brings a little bit of energy and a sense of well being with it. It’s a great middle of the road hybrid as you can focus for the most part and get things done if need be but you stray off path even just a little you might find yourself spacing out and getting pleasantly lost in your own thoughts. While I really enjoyed Star Dust, and would be a buyer all day long at the discounted ticket, I’d have to say I’d be much more hesitant at the full rate. While it’s great any time herb that’s no doubt cultivated masterfully, there’s nothing particularly unique about it where I can justify shelling out for it again at the normal rate.

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