Bang Bang from Cream of the Crop

Bang Bang from Cream of the Crop via South Coast Safe Access on 10/16/19. THC tested out to 30.7%. Purchased for $60 plus tax. I love a good sativa so when I saw that Cream of the Crop had one on the shelf that was testing over 30% I had to check it out. As I’ve said before, THC percentages don’t mean everything but they do mean something, so my interest was piqued. The look of this batch is visually reminiscent of some of the best Afgoo I used to get years ago. Extremely light green buds absolutely dripping with massive triches that almost give it this snowy/static look, as if you’re looking at them on an old school CRT TV with a weak signal, coupled burnt orange pistils that are almost entirely obscured by that substantial frost layer.

The nose of out the jar is this beautiful heavy orange scent that lands on the sweeter side coming off like some sort of orange candy that’s made with real organic ingredients. On breaking the nug that orange smells stays dominant but I pick up on a floral element making itself known. Breaking it down by hand those oranges remain but there is a fresh element that steps up to the plate as well hitting my nose somewhere between mint and pine but not exactly landing on either. The inhale is smooth, and you catch that orange experience both in and out, while it ends up leaving a nice natural orange peel like aftertaste on the tongue. The headchange comes on quick and brings a nice level of energy with it while simultaneously putting pressure on the top of your forehead and the sides of your eyes. I will say I had a little trouble staying focused and often times found myself staring off into space only to snap back into reality while exclaiming “oh yeah” and happily resuming whatever I was working on. On the jar it describes the potential effects as “Relaxed, Creative, Euphoria” and I would say that does seem to fall in line with my personal experience here. That relaxed sort of pressure around the head and eyes coupled with the boost of energy and happy go lucky attitude were no doubt present. While no sort of cannabis is going to force feed you creative ideas, I feel like it did put me in positive state of mind where creative could flourish, so I’ll give it to COTC on that one too. Of course, as always, your milage may vary. In the end, Bang Bang is a fantastic sativa and one that quickly became my go to morning smoke. The only hesitation I’d have with picking it up again is the price as there are some quality sativas out there like Crescendo and Quest that come in at about $40 and $45 respectively. That said if the price were the same across the board, it would be an extremely hard choice as Bang Bang really is a phenomenal sativa, it just has some really stiff competition. Amazing work on this one COTC, the only thing I’m bummed about on this batch is that I don’t have any left.

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