Gushers from Big Al’s Exotics

Gushers from Big Al’s Exotics via Gulf Coast Haze Collective on 11/26/19. No Testing info listed on the bag. Acquired for a donation of $45. When Prop 64 went into law, one of the first strains I naively tried to order from a Bay Area delivery service was Big Al’s Gushers due to the hype I saw on instagram at the time, so I was stoked to finally get my hands on some. These super dense buds run the gamut on the entire color spectrum. Deep raisin purples transition to pickle greens chased by even lighter shades of shamrock green, all accompanied by beautiful bursts of fiery orange pistils, heavily coated in large dewy looking triches.

The nose out of the bag hits me as primarily mint and sugar sweetness with bit of a fruity edge. On breaking open the nug, the mint takes it up a notch and gives me that sort eucalyptus essential oil vibe, with that sugar sweetness taking a back seat. When breaking down by hand you really get a sense for how sticky this batch is. After breaking it up my fingers were completely resinated to the point they would stick to each other when touching. The grinds had a deep mint and pine scent that was like a pleasant mix of Listerine and Pinesol poured together in the same bottle. The inhale is smooth, and I pick up on a touch of sweet and floral on the way in, while I get a mild minty earthiness on the way out. The headchange has a really nice immediate thwap but it’s also a slight creeper. You’re able to focus and it doesn’t leave you too mentally locked but it does have this floaty hazy feeling that wraps around your whole forehead and makes your upper sinuses feel just a bit numb. At one point I felt it in the muscles in the bottom of my neck and it gave me a minor ASMR like sensation. As time passes it makes its way in your limbs and down into your core and you start to feel that weight. I wasn’t couchlocked but it was really nice to just kick back on and watch the Star Wars Christmas special and get lost in how truly bad it is. Without these Gushers I’m not sure I would have been able to make it through the entirety of that bizarre affair but it was actually pretty enjoyable outside of the weird 20 minute subtitle-free intro comprised of nothing but Chewbacca’s family chatting it up. For the ticket I copped it at I would absolutely pick up this one up again. These Gushers were leaps and bounds more enjoyable than the last batch I picked up from Connected so I can say, in my experience at least, they were indeed plusher. Great work to the team at Big Al’s Exotics, your expertise is no doubt evident in this batch, and big thanks to Gulf Coast for helping make this review finally happen.

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