Nova Cane from Team Elite Genetics

Nova Cane from Team Elite Genetics via Super Clinik on 12/04/19. THC tested out to 25.5%. Purchased for $55 plus tax. I’d been hearing great things about Nova Cane from my reviewer friends so when I saw it was in stock at Super Clinik here in Santa Ana I decided to jump in.

These nugs are stunning and it’s evident that nothing but the utmost care and highest standards were kept into order to bring this jar to the consumer market. These dense foxtail like buds are a light lime green with dark forest green accents and reddish brown pistils all coated in a radiant frosting of glittering triches that intensely shine back at you as they catch the light. The nose out of the jar is straight Jack Herer. That signature sweet floral potpourri smell dominates the nostrils. The nug breaks with a hearty and satisfying snap and that floral sweetness ramps up and brings with it a sweet berry quality along with just a hint of a lemon cleaner like smell. Grinding the nug down by hand leaves a healthy stickiness on your finger tips, so much so that I kept finding myself wiping them off on my pants so that I wouldn’t gunk up my keyboard or phone screen when taking notes. The grounds smell like sweet berry with that floral jackness taking a back seat with a touch of citrus sitting beside it. On the dry pull of the J the berry sweetness is undeniable and is so sweet that it reminds me of the way pineapple hits my taste buds. The inhale is smooth and detect just a bit of that sweet fruit while on the exhale I get a sweet berry flavor with what I might consider a minor sour edge. It’s not as acidic as a sour gummy in my opinion but that citrus does give the flavor as a whole a slightly sour lean. The headchange comes on quick and has a racy edge while at the same time having a good smack and some impressive stamina. I found myself able to focus and wanted to keep my body occupied. Before I knew it I was up and knocking things off my to do list. However, after the initial burst of energy I took a seat and then I felt myself peter out slightly. I went from unable to sit still to just wanting to kick back and watch some TV for a few. That was short lived though as the energy seemed to return and I was back on my feet looking to defeat the next task at hand. I really enjoyed Nova Cane and I can completely understand why it’s a Cannabis Cup Winner. It’s straight up beautiful, smells like the best Jack around, and has a strong clear headed long lasting enjoyable effect that’s frankly perfect for any time of day. Fantastic job to Team Elite Genetics, the quality of your work is definitely on par with some of the best and well known growers in California, and I’d say it’s well worth the ticket it commands.

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