Pink Picasso from Wonderbrett

Pink Picasso from Wonderbrett via Secret Sesh on 12/07/19. THC tested out to 25.57%. Purchased 14 grams for $100. When I started my Secret Sesh shopping spree my first stop was the Wonderbrett booth and they really made it challenging to hold on to my money as the ticket they were offering was nearly unheard of in the recreational market for this level of quality. While the bag is labeled “smalls” the nugs looked pretty much exactly the same size as what you’d come across in any given top shelf jar at any given shop. These semi dense buds have an intense camouflage pattern of light and dark greens coupled with rich deep purples and sporadic bunches of burnt orange pistils all iced over with a healthy layer of yellowing triches.

The nose out of the jar has elements of a sweet fruit with a minty eucalyptus like zing that smells like a combo of skittles and mentos smashed together. On busting open a nug the sweet fruit smell gets a bit more pronounced but remains essentially the same. When breaking the nug down by hand that eucalyptus zing shifts into a strong mint accompanied with a sugar sweetness but strangely I don’t pick up on any fruit scent at all anymore. When taking a dry pull on the j I pick up on a breakfast cereal like sweetness at first that reminds me Golden Crisp followed by a near cloyingly sweet candy-like fruitiness. The inhale is smooth and I detect a sugar syrup like sweetness while on the exhale I get mint with a sweet and slightly fruity backend. I cross checked the flavor on the MV1 gifted to me by @ghostvapesofficial and the mint really shined through pushing that sugary fruity sweetness to the background. The headchange has a nice smack and is fairly middle of the road but has a weight to it that can leave you feeling a little sedated. At first I thought I’d lean on this as a wake and bake strain because of the fruity smell it put out but I found myself succumbing to the pressure an hour or so after smoking and wanting to just chill on the couch and take a nap. I’d say this is a strain better suited to a chill evening at home. It doesn’t have such a thwack that it debilitates you immediately but given time it will put you to bed if you’re tired and ready to end your night. For the ticket I copped this at I’d do it again in a heartbeat, however at the rate you typically might find this for in a shop, I might be a little hesitant depending on what else is available. That said, great job to the team at Wonderbrett on this one, hopefully discounted smalls will be something you can make available to the masses one day as they are a definite hit with me!

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