Trifi Cookies from Elyon

Trifi Cookies from Elyon via Secret Sesh on 12/07/19. THC tested out to 23.84%. Sold for $25 total at Secret Sesh. When I stopped by the Elyon booth, these Trifi Cookies really got my attention with the way they caught the sunlight, so I was stoked to come home with some. These dense buds are mostly a bright lime green with deep purple lilts and dark rusty red pistils with a thick eye popping layer of triches that glimmer even in the dimmest of light.

The nose out of the jar is a combo of nutmeg and cinnamon with dough and a bit of must in the background. It smells a bit like a day old apple fritter. Busting open the nug I get more of a cinnamon breakfast cereal smell that reminds me of Apple Jacks. Breaking it down by hand you notice how sticky and dense the bud is, I actually had to resort to ripping it up as opposed to grinding it between my fingers as it offered just a bit too much resistance. The grounds give off a combo of mint and musty dough with that spice being pushed to the background along with what smells like a slight touch of artificial watermelon. On the dry pull of the jay I get a sweet natural flavor that reminded me of sucking on the bottom of a purple honeysuckle flower when I was a kid. I didn’t detect much flavor on the inhale but it was smooth. On the exhale I picked up on a really pleasant floral and perfume like aftertaste. Cross checking the flavor on the @ghostvapesofficial MV1 I noticed the inhale had a very muted earthy and spicy inhale while the exhale remained similar yet more pronounced. The headchange comes on quick and is middle of the road but leans slightly heavy. A haze sets in behind the eyes, in the neck, and on top of the head that makes it really pleasant to just throw your head back and close your eyes while sitting on the couch. Physical heaviness aside, while I feel that slap I remain clear headed, able to focus, and my ability to think remains intact. This would be a solid herb to have on deck for afternoon and evening use when you’re looking to chill and watch some TV or finish up some work on the computer. I could see myself picking it up again depending on the rate, but definitely at the bargain ticket Elyon had for at Secret Sesh. Excellent work on this one Elyon!

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