Golden State Banana from Elyon

Golden State Banana from Elyon via Secret Sesh on 12/07/19. THC tested out to 23.29%. Was being sold at Secret Sesh for $30 out the door. Golden State Banana is starting to pop up in a lot of different places as of late, so when I saw this new collab at the Elyon booth my interest was admittedly piqued, and I was stoked there ended up being some in my gift bag. These fluffy buds are mostly a light lime with fern green accents and occasional reddish brown pistils that are near fully obscured by a healthy coating of large yellowing triches.

The nose out of the jar is a musty muted fruit with this really light acrid quality in the background. On the break the musty muted fruit does get louder but remains mostly unchanged, although that acrid battery acid like smell seems to intensity just a bit. When breaking it down by hand it crumbles near instantly leaving a dusting of those huge triches on your finger tips. The fruity sweetness of the bud shifts into more of a sugar sweet dough when ground that reminded me of the topping caked on a concha (Mexican sweet bread) but with a musty and slightly floral backend. When pulling on the J prior to lighting it I got a surprisingly sweet flavor that reminded me of those old school strawberry hard candies elderly folks always seem to have on hand. The inhale is smooth and I pick up on a bit of a toasted sugar taste but it’s very faint. On the exhale I get a faint sweet fruit rind sort of taste. Cross checking the flavor on the MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I got more of a fresh element coupled with light fruity sweetness and a hint of cinnamon. Truth be told, although faint, it reminded me of the aftertaste a fried plantain at a Brazilian BBQ will leave your mouth. The headchange comes on fast and has a decent smack. It gives you those hazy eyes almost immediately and that spreads to the forehead and down into the back of the neck. I’d definitely save this one for the afternoon and evening as it really complements winding down from your day. While it’s enjoyable in its own rite, when juxtaposed to my experience with Synergy’s Golden State Banana, it pales in comparison. The effect was good but just not as powerful and memorable as its Synergy counterpart. That said, this is also available at nearly half the ticket, and when stacked up again the competition in that range, it stands out as a solid bargain. If the ticket is of no concern, I’d say you should try to go with the Synergy offering if possible, however if you’re looking for a good smoke in the lower to mid tier range then this would be right up your alley.

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