Triangle Mints from The Cannabis Brothers

Triangle Mints from The Cannabis Brothers via Secret Sesh on 12/07/19. THC tested out to 27.54%. Purchased for $40 after tax. I’ve been following Payasogrow for a while now on Instagram, admiring their work from a distance, so when I saw The Cannabis Brothers had a booth at Secret Sesh I knew I had to get my hands on at least one of their offerings. These semi dense nugs are a patch work of greens that range from light lime all the way to deep forest with what I believe are dark purple lilts and brownish orange pistils. To be honest the colors are hard to make out under the incredibly thick layer of brilliantly shining triches that are plastered over every centimeter of the bud from the surface to its core.

The nose out of the jar is a musty pepper coupled with rubber and a slightly minty back end. On busting open a nug the mint seems to amp up and brings a bit of pine with it that pushes that rubber back slightly giving the scent this overall industrial cleaner sort of vibe. This batch is very resistant to being ground by hand. It’s very sticky and sort of rolls up on itself creating pebbles instead of dusting out. Once ground the mint widens out and a sugar sweetness emerges while the rubber gets further relegated to the background but still remains present. When dry pulling a joint I pick up on mint with a sugary aftertaste. The inhale is smooth as expected and I pick up on a slight menthol tang. On the exhale from the joint I get mint and pine with a savory edge, however, when using my bong it was a much stronger sugar mint with a hard pepper slap. It’s one of those exhales that hits you right in the sinuses and septum and makes you feel like you just sneezed. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial that sweet menthol taste was really taken to a new level where it had a brow raising Winterfresh gum like effect and I actually got a “cool” feeling from the exhale. The headchange absolutely smacks near immediately with an intensity that increases over time. It hit me in the sinuses and traveled into my neck and upper back with an ASMR type tingle. I found myself spacing out constantly, lost in my own thoughts, only to snap suddenly back to reality and needing a minute to get my bearings straight. I’d say this is a powerful indica leaning hybrid with formidable stamina that’s best saved for the evening when you’re looking get hella zonked. It will make you take a seat on the couch and you’ll be staring at the TV for 20 minutes before you realize you’ve just been zoning out on the Netflix menu and haven’t selected anything to watch. Fantastic work by The Cannabis Brothers! I will definitely keep an eye out for more of their product as it’s apparent they are cultivators of the highest echelon. 

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