Pound Cake from High Season

Pound Cake from High Season via Secret Sesh on 12/07/19. THC tested out to 27.63%. Purchased for $35 out the door. One of the last things I ended up grabbing at Secret Sesh, on recommendation from my buddy Dabberchan, was this Pound Cake on offer from High Season. The coloring on these dense buds is mostly a light lime green with rashes of deep rich purple and a thick blockade of triches that almost looks unreal. It’s as if a new species of spider capable of spinning trich webs came along and wrapped this bud up for safe keeping.

The nose out of the jar is extremely musty with a slightly acrid quality and reminds me of clothes that’ve been put in old wooden trunk and are just getting air for the first time years. When busting open a nug the mustiness lightens up a little bit and a fresh floral element makes presence known. When breaking the nug down by hand that fresh floral aspect steps to the foreground and the mustiness shifts to a plain cereal smell that fills out the backend. When dry pulling the joint I get a sugar sweetness up top followed by a fresh floral finish. The inhale was mostly smooth but started to get harsh toward the end of the joint. While smoking it, I picked up on an unripe banana taste on the way in with just a hint of toasted sweetness where as when smoking the bong it was more of a muted banana bread flavor. The exhale didn’t have too rich of a taste coming off either manner of smoking, it was a vague earthiness at best, with just a hint of dough on the bong side. When crossing checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial it hit with an extremely strong sweet floral taste which was like an amped up version of the dry pull on the J. The headchange comes on quick and with a slap that makes you want to take a seat. I feel like this is the sort of weed those anti drug commercials from the 90’s were trying to warn us about. The kind that will melt you into a couch and leave you paralyzed for life. Starting from the middle of your forehead, you feel the effect travel through your eyes and into your lower back, firmly locking you to your seat. It doesn’t interfere with cognition but your motivation level to do anything outside of sitting there and staring at the TV while spacing out will be at absolute zero. On the jar it says that this is “Great for an intense body high that helps put you in the mood. Use post “workout” to assist with muscle recovery”. I am not sure why they put the word workout in quotes but maybe they mean it as a double entendre. In any case, I don’t see how using this herb in that way would hurt exactly, but I don’t see how Pound Cake would be more beneficial than other indicas in that sense. I’d save this one for later in the evening as it is indeed a solid indica at a great ticket that has an intense thwap that will make any worries you have seem like they’re million miles away prior to putting you to bed. Great job on this one High Season, you’re definitely on my radar now.

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