Creme de la Creme from Team Elite Genetics

Creme de la Creme from Team Elite Genetics via Super Clinik on 1/15/2020 sponsored by the Smokeliveapp. THC tested out to 23.8%. Picked up for $55 plus tax. I had a fantastic experience with Team Elite’s Nova Cane so when Smokeliveapp sent me some dough to pick up anything I wanted, I decided to go with this Creme De La Creme as it was one of their non-jack smelling variants, and it was recommended by the Super Clinik budtender over the TEG Cookie Dough. The look of these dense buds is absolutely stunning. The surface is mostly a yellowish green, dipping into solid green at times with occasional hints of purple, with cream orange pistils and a beautiful shimmering layer of triches that seems to have been preserved with the utmost care from harvest to packing.

The nose out of the jar is mostly musty with a minor electric metal zing that smells like what licking a 9 volt battery tastes like. On busting open a bud the mustiness lightens up a bit, and a fresh element makes its presence known, with just a slight touch of sweet vanilla in the background. When breaking the bud down by hand a surprisingly strong mint floral scent steps up to the foreground while a sweet vanilla dough smell fills out the backend. On a dry pull from the jay I detect very faint sweet floral mint notes. The inhale is smooth but I really don’t get much flavor off either the bong nor the joint. The exhale from both has a very faint “fake” vanilla taste to me, sort of how I’d imagine eating a vanilla candle might taste, kind of floral and perfume like as opposed to something flavored with vanilla extract. It also had a slight burnt pie crust flavor in the background but it all felt sort of muddled and nothing was too distinct taste-wise. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes the taste was mostly floral with some sugar sweet notes and just a hint of vanilla in the background. The headchange does come on fairly quick but it’s not too overwhelming. You definitely feel that weight on your body but it’s not something that left me unable to function. The box describes the potential effects as “body-melting relaxation and sedation. Hard hitting, heavy, drowsy and sleepy” but in my experience, it really didn’t hit that hard at all. I felt it in my body some, and there’s a decent pressure on the eyes and forehead, but it didn’t hold me back from pulling off my morning routine on a wake and bake whatsoever. Admittedly there were moments that I found myself sighing and wanting to kick back and just lay still for a minute but those were brief and few and far between. This batch definitely has jar appeal but that’s pretty much the only aspect of note, the smell and the effects just aren’t there, and for the ticket I can’t really find any qualities that bear repeating a pick up. Sorry Team Elite, this one was a miss for me.

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