Gelato from The Cure Company

Gelato from The Cure Company via City Compassionate Caregivers on 1/6/2020. THC tested out to 21.60%. This sample was gifted to me but it’s currently on sale for $25 as part of a Cure Co mix and match sample pack at CCC. Most of the flavors coming out of The Cure Company are very unique, yet Gelato has become some what of modern classic in the current cannabis landscape, so I was very curious as to their take on this very popular strain. The look of these dense yet delicate buds is intense. A deep aubergine caught my eye at first but on closer examination I noticed numerous light and dark green patches that are essentially obscured by its thick armor of triches and sporadic bursts of fiery orange pistils.

The nose out of the jar has a sugary sweetness with a bit of a creamy edge and a fresh minty element hanging around the background. On busting open a bud that sweetness amps up a bit and brings a fruitiness with it while the mint steps up as well and starts to battle for dominance. When breaking the nug down by hand the scents merge into a beautiful sweet mint cream that harkens back to its namesake and reminds me of the Mint Monster from Afters. On the dry pull from the joint I get a sugar sweetness with a touch of mint up top followed by a floral quality that lingers on the tongue for a moment. The inhale from both the bong and j is smooth and has a sweet floral taste, while on the exhale, I get more of a delicious minty cream with a floral back end. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I get a sweet floral mint with a fairly long lasting menthol aftertaste. The headchange comes on quick with a nice thwap but also creeps into you body in a short amount of time. I was surprised at how sedated I felt a few minutes after smoking. It hit me so hard that even on a wake and bake I found myself wanting to go back to sleep an hour later. You feel it in your forehead at first but as it makes its way into your muscles you’ll feel that gravity hold you down and your want to do anything of consequence floats away. I’d definitely save this one for when you’re ready to kick back and end your day. It will take the edge off quick and if you’re any sort of tired it’ll have you knocked out before you’ve even realized what happened. This was an excellent version of Gelato, and for the ticket it goes for at CCC I’d pick this up again without hesitation, especially if I wanted something keep me seated or knock me out. Excellent work once again to the fine folks at The Cure Company!

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