Gelato from THC Design

Gelato from THC Design via Eaze on 12/30/2019. THC tested out to 20.6%. Purchased for $39 plus tax (used a $20 credit compliments of Eaze as well). On occasion, Eaze will drop some credit into your account if you haven’t used them for a bit, so when that happened this last time I decided to put it toward this batch of Gelato from the fine folks at THC Design. When it arrived I was a bit shocked to see that it had a harvest date of 1/28/19. Being so close to it’s first birthday I decided to do a little experiment and held off on opening it until it was officially one year old and see how it faired after being jarred that long. The surface of these particular nugs are comprised mostly of deep purple and forest green with them shifting back and forth so quickly it’s fairly confusing to the naked eye. It has a generally dark vibe with lime green accents and sporadic bunches of orange pistils all coated in a thick layer of yellowed triches.

The nose out of the jar is mostly musty with just a slightly sweet edge in the background. When breaking open a bud, the mustiness dissipates somewhat, and the sweetness amps up along with a minor floral quality. After breaking it down by hand the scent morphed and I got a faint yet pleasant sweet mint with a bit of cream. Also, it really wasn’t as powder dry as I expected it to be. That said, I did end up finding a seed in one of the buds. One seed in a batch of this size is no big deal, and could be a potential come up for the right person so I don’t mind it being in there, but in the interest of full disclosure I thought I should mention it. When dry pulling the J I get a very faint floral sweetness that vanishes near instantly with no aftertaste. The inhale was smooth and had a slight earthy taste from the joint but on the bong it was very nondescript. The exhale was a muted floral and mint on both. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I got a much more amped up version of the floral and mint that was present in the smoke but the flavors seemed to be fuller. I think vaping may be the way to go when it comes to weed of this age. The headchange seemed to make me feel more tired than gobsmacked, I felt like I could have smoked more in any given sesh but didn’t want to due to the fact I thought it would knock me out. I have a feeling the lack of thwap may have to do with its age and if I would have gotten my hands on this batch sometime in mid-2019 it might have had a more enjoyable effect but that simply was not the case here in 2020. Furthermore, while I know Eaze is having financial troubles, they need to implement a process to keep people from paying the full ticket to get bud this old. From what I can tell, THC Design put out an awesome batch of Gelato in it’s heyday, however the ravages of time had their way with it before it got to me. This lesson learned here is not to use recreational delivery services as I’d rather verify the age and quality of the bud I’m picking up prior to putting down on it.

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