Animal Face from Fig Farms

Animal Face from Fig Farms via Connected Santa Ana on 1/31/2020. THC tested out to 25.21%. Purchased for $65 out the door minus 20% for happy hour. I’ve heard some fantastic things about Fig Farms, so when I saw Connected Santa Ana had a good amount of their library on deck I decided to swing through and see what’s good. I ended up walking away with this beautiful jar of Animal Face. These semi dense nugs are comprised of mostly of sage and olive greens with sporadic pops of lime, the occasional appearance of stout creme orange pistils, and an impressive showing of yellowing spiky triches that certain angles remind me of those strips they put on building ledges to keep birds from landing on them and shitting everywhere.

The nose out of the jar is a musty rubber with a hint of cream and a lightly fruity backend. On busting open a bud the sweetness moves to the foreground and that musty rubber widens out into a fuel in the background. When breaking it down by hand there’s a sweet mint and pine that emerges and takes center stage with the creaminess returning to the fill out the background while the mustiness seems to have vanished completely. When dry pulling the joint I get a sweet minty floral fuel that seems to linger slightly on the lips. The inhale is smooth and has an earthy hash like taste from the joint while being a much more “fresh” mint and pine experience on the bong. The exhale from the joint is a floral sweet rubber with a cilantro/soap like aftertaste, while that soapiness seems to come out up top on the bong, widening out into more of an earthy after effect. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I get an intensely rich freshness. It comes off as mint and pine all the way and leaves a pleasant “cleaner” like sensation to linger on the tongue. The headchange comes on fast but is misleading in the sense that you don’t feel as lit as you actually are. At first I thought “This is a very functional effect and I’m clear headed and capable of any task” but then I started to notice little things that I was doing that said otherwise. I made a series of small mistakes of which I was completely unaware, and on realizing what I’d done, it made me shake my head and do a double-take. It was only then I realized how buzzed I was and that the effect was still on the climb. This one is definitely a creeper. My eyes felt low while my head simultaneously felt floaty. It puts a good amount of pressure on the neck and shoulders and gives you those near ASMR tingles in the back of the neck. This belongs in the class of what I call “hydraulic press” weed as it starts with a good amount of power and continues to push until you’re completely smashed. That said, on a wake and bake I didn’t find myself tired in the least, just feeling that very healthy thwap. I really enjoyed this batch of Animal Face, and while I might personally wrestle with the ticket at Connected, if you’re able to find it at a rate you’re comfortable with I’d say you can’t go wrong with swooping this one up. This was a fantastic introduction to the Fig Farms library and I really can’t wait to get more familiar with their line up. It’s apparent this batch of Animal Face was expertly cultivated and handled with the utmost care from harvest to jar and it shows in every aspect of the final product. Excellent work by the whole Fig Farms crew!

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