DJ Blueberry from The Cure Company

DJ Blueberry from The Cure Company via City Compassionate Caregivers on 1/6/2020. THC tested out to 23.64%. This was gifted to me but it goes for $30 plus tax on the CCC menu when available. I have heard of DSB for years but I honestly can’t recall ever trying it so I was stoked to see this DJ Blueberry made it’s way into my sample pack. These fluffy buds are a camouflage patchwork of lime and forest greens with the occasional rash of aubergine, brownish orange pistils, and a healthy layer of white and yellowing triches.

The nose out of the jar is a deep mustiness with a slightly fruity back end but in a muted not so sweet way. Busting open a nug the mustiness still prevails but there is a bit of a spicy element that makes itself known. When breaking it down by hand the mustiness widens out a bit and gives way that subtle fruit but also bringing a touch of sweetness with it. It’s smells sweet in the way the rind of an apple is sweet as opposed to apple juice sweet. When dry pulling the j I do get a sweet berry flavor with a musty background which ends up leaving a sweet rind taste on the tongue for just a moment. The inhale is smooth but fairly nondescript on both the joint and the bong. The exhale has a faint sweet berry taste with a musty backend. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I got a surprisingly floral and fresh sensation with a bit of a sweet fruity aftertaste. The headchange comes on gently and is more of a body buzz than a cerebral smack. On a wake and bake, while dressed and ready for the gym I took an “on the way out the door hit” that left me feeling a bit stuck to the couch. It nearly sapped all my motivation to do anything and even thought I fought through it, I felt extremely tired all day. With it’s more body centric effect, I found myself smoking multiple bowls in hopes of catching that heady feeling but overtime just feeling like I needed to take a nap. It’s definitely a heavy indica in that sense but it won’t leave you braindead on the way to sleep. If you’re looking for something that won’t inebriate you too much while helping you get to bed I’d say this one is for you. It’s a quality grown flower at a bargain for the ticket it goes for at CCC so if you like what you’ve read I’d say you should definitely check it out.

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