Yummiez from High Season

Yummiez from High Season via High Season DTLA on 2/08/2020 (shoutout to Carlos for the assist). THC tested out to 23.65%. This was gifted to me but is currently listed on the High Season DTLA menu for $48.18 out the door. High Season got my attention at Secret Sesh with their Pound Cake, and in turn my review got their attention, which resulted in them blessing me with some of these Yummiez from their new Microbatch series. These small delicate buds are absolutely beautiful. The meat of the nug is a bright lime green with a copious amount of eggplant frosted tips, the occasional fiery orange pistil, and a coating of triches so thick it looks like they were slathered on and into every crevice with a mini trowel.

The nose out of the jar is floral and fresh with a sweet musty fruit and they’re all equally strong and battling for dominance. It sort of comes off like a muted candy perfume. When busting open a nug that fresh mint and pine element stays strong while the sugar sweetness and fruit are relegated to the background. When breaking it down by hand it powders out nicely, the sweetness turns back up and joins forces with the mint and pine and some additional floral notes, with a muted fruit in the background. It strikes me as a pleasant mix of winterfresh and pinesol. The dry pull on the jay is very minty with a touch of floral that slightly lingers on the tongue afterward. The inhale is smooth and has just a slight sweetness on both the joint and the bong but seemed more defined on the latter. The exhale is a muted fruity sweetness on the j but more of a sugar sweetness with a slight fuel background on the bong. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I get an extremely minty and floral sensation, so much so that it actually had a cool peppermint feel on the inhale which was stronger than any flower I’ve tried on the vape yet. The headchange comes on quick and has a slightly sedative and spacey quality but doesn’t interfere with cognition to the point you’re unable to function. It’s got a euphoric aspect to it where I found myself in a positive mood, throwing on some music, and getting some things done I’d been putting off for a while. On a wake and bake it might be a little too heavy, but I found it be a very even keel experience as I wasn’t too locked up mentally or physically, but it definitely had a decent feel good thwap that stayed with me as I handled my day. I admit there’s a draw to the fact the batch is limited. Normally I’d say at the ticket it’s available for at High Season DTLA I’d have to see what else they have on offer to know if I’d cop it again, and I suppose that’s still true, but knowing it may never come back again definitely would hold weight in my decision. That said, if you like what you see and what I’ve said about Yummiez here, I’d get to High Season ASAP as who knows how much is left. It’s definitely some gorgeous flower and it’s got me interested to see what High Season’s next Microbatch has in store. Great work to the whole team at High Season!

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