Strawberry Kush Pop #10 from Poseidon Estate

Strawberry Kush Pop #10 from Poseidon Estate on 2/08/2020. THC tested out to 32.98%. This was gifted to me but it’s currently in shops in Central and Northern California for around $60. I’ve been following Poseidon Estate for a long while, but since they don’t currently have distribution in Southern California I haven’t been able to get my hands on any, until now that is. These fairly dense pine tree shaped buds are absolutely stunning. The surface is a patchwork of color that careens across the spectrum from a light lime green blasting all the way down to deep rich purples that are near entirely obscured by an abundance of tall golden triches and a smattering of pumpkin pie pistils.

The nose out of jar is a combination of musty spice and sweet fruit with a bit of fuel in the background. When busting open a bud that sweet fruity fuel takes center stage and has just a slight minty edge. When grinding it down by hand the scent kicks it up a notch and the sweet fruit and minty fuel become extremely pronounced with just a touch of dough in the background. It breaks down well where it doesn’t turn to powder straight away but crumbles easy enough that you can get it to the proper consistency for a joint. Speaking of, the dry pull revealed a freshness up top followed up by a sweet fruit. It’s very strong but seems to dissipate quickly. The inhale is smooth and on the joint has a sweet fruity zing while on the bong it’s a bit more muted with a touch of earthiness. The exhale of the j is very fruity with a bit of menthol and dough while on the bong it hit me more like a fruity soda as there’s the sugar sweet fruit aspect but there’s sort of carbonated water vibe I pick up on as well. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial it smacks the mouth with a mix of mint and pine that you can actually feel physically hitting your tongue and chilling it before you get a taste for it. The headchange comes on fast and has a healthy smack while putting some weight on your body but won’t cause you to suffer from broken cognition nor couch lock. It does have a slightly floaty head tingly feeling and caused me space out from time to time if I wasn’t focused on a particular task but I was able to snap out of it and put myself to work as needed. It might be a little too heavy for a wake and bake but it does have a very minor get up and go aspect that could compliment a strong cup of coffee well. I’d say it’s a fairly great anytime smoke for when you’re looking to get something that thwaps with feel good eurphoric type energy but won’t leave you brain dead or heavy eyed and passing out on the couch as you watch youtube videos. At least not right away, however, given some time it may get you there eventually. This was a fantastic introduction to the Poseidon Estate line up and really showcases the quality, expertise and obvious level of care that goes into getting these jars to market. If it were available in So Cal I’d have no problem grabbing this one again. Excellent work to the whole Poseidon Estate crew on this one!

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