Tropical Guava #36 from Poseidon Estate

Tropical Guava #36 from Poseidon Estate on 2/08/2020. THC tested out to 25.77%. This was gifted to me but my understanding it goes for around $60 out the door. Another awesome gift from the God of the Seas made its way to my hands here in Southern California and I’m stoked to get into it. These delicate buds are comprised of mostly lime and forest greens with the occasional flash of purple, a smattering of dark amber pistils, and a healthy amount of snow and pineapple colored trichomes.

The nose out of the jar is a sweet fruit with just a bit of mustiness in the background that strikes me as smelling very similar to a Dragonfruit Hi-Chew. On busting open a nug that sweet fruit gets a little louder and has a slightly minty edge. When breaking it down by hand, the grinds really amp up that candy fruity sweetness, and it really affirms my earlier description as it smells near exactly like opening up a fresh pack of Hi-Chews. The dry pull on the J also reveals a similar sugar sweet fruit taste but it dissipates quickly. The inhale is smooth on the joint and I get just a touch of toasted marshmallow while on the bong I get a really minor sense of sweet fruit. On the exhale from the bong and joint I get a mostly an earthy sensation with a muted sweet fruit follow up. Crosschecking the flavors on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I get a very sweet floral taste with just a bit of mint on the side. The headchange hits near immediately and with authority. My eyes felt hazy and I had to fight hard against the weight as it settled into my body, arrested my thoughts, and tried to bind me to the couch. While I was able to get to the gym after a wake and bake, I quickly moved this one to my preferred pre-bedtime smoke so instead of having to fight it, I could let that pleasant pressure press me into the mattress and off to a sound night’s sleep. If I were in need of a night cap type herb and this were available in my area I’d definitely be on board to grab some more. This was another fantastic example of well cultivated and cared for flower from Poseidon Estate, they do some awesome work, and I can only hope they’ll get wider distribution soon so more people can get in on what they have on offer. Great work!

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