Black Cherry Gelato from The Backpack Boyz

Black Cherry Gelato from The Backpack Boyz and 5points LA via The Cannon Co on 2/11/2020. No Testing info presented on the bag. This was gifted to me but I have seen it on a few menus for $40-50 out the door. A few people on my radar had said positive things about Black Cherry Gelato so I was extra stoked to see it was one of the bags in my sample pack. The surface of these intensely dense nugs flips back and forth between dark forest greens and deep rich purples with sporadic tightly coiled fiery orange pistils and a near even coating of tiny glistening triches.

The smell out of the bag is a this musty sweet fruit scent that I get from a majority of good gelato which I’ve come to call “that foreign fruit market smell” with hints of citrus and a wisp of cherry slurpee. When breaking open a bud the same scent was still present but louder and had a minor fresh edge to it. When breaking it down by hand my nose was smacked with a lemon cream at first that widened out to a more general cream and fruit scent but the lemon remained strong and ever present. The dry pull from the j was sugar sweet and floral with a little fruit and menthol in the background. The inhale was smooth and from the joint I got a muted sweet cereal but on the bong it was a general earthy vibe. On the exhale from the j I picked up on a sweet floral taste with just a bit of mint in the background while the bong really did have a faint yet surprising black cherry slurpee/carbonated water sensation to it. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I picked up on a sugar sweet floral sensation with a little mint in the back which was reminiscent of the joint but stronger in taste. The headchange comes on fast, thwaps with authority, and will ground you if you allow it. When I smoked my first J I got about 3/4s through and had that “wow, I’m pretty lit” feeling and left the rest of it behind for later. It hits you behind the eyes and puts that pressure on your forehead where the power of couch compels you. It’ll sap you of motivation and you won’t care because you’re buzzed in the way where nothing matters except for right now and you’re feeling pretty good about chilling in this particular moment. I would say this one should be saved for a post work smoke but it does serve well as a wake and bake if you have a strong cup of coffee to aid you. If you have some mindless manual labor to slog through, you can smoke this, throw on some music and before you know it you’ll be done and you had a great time doing it. All and all I really liked Black Cherry Gelato, it’s got a healthy long lasting slap that might stick you right to the couch, but you’ll definitely enjoy every moment of it. Great work to the Backpack Boyz, 5 Points LA, and everyone else involved!

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