Blu Gotti from The Backpack Boyz / 5 Points LA

Blu Gotti from The Backpack Boyz / 5 Points LA via The Cannon Co on 2/11/2020. No Testing info presented on the bag. This was gifted to me but I have seen it go for about 40-45$ an 8th in the traditional market. Last but not least in the awesome hat trick of strains found in my sample pack from The Cannon Co is Blu Gotti. These big boulderesque buds are a hodgepodge of lime, olive, and forest greens that occasionally dip into midnight blue, with tightly wound burnt auburn pistils, and a frosty layer of tiny yellowing triches.

The nose out of the bag is a sweet cream with a strong musty fruit that reminds me of Gelato’s signature “foreign fruit market” smell. When busting open a bud a sweet vanilla cream dominates the scent profile with a muted floral backend. It breaks down extremely well by hand and you get a sweet creamy floral smell that lingers on your fingers while the grinds are primarily a vanilla cream up front but has a complex candy sweet floral mint backdrop. The dry pull on the joint has a muted sweet fruit and cream with just a touch of floral. The inhale is smooth gives me toasted marshmallow vibes off the joint while the bong had more of a sugar mint tang. The exhale was a sugar sweet floral with a minty fruit backside from the joint while the bong was more of a fresh mint floral up top with a sweet cream finish. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 the tastiest draw was at 170c which was a powerful mix of pine and mint that zinged my tongue on both the in and exhale. As I raised the temp I noticed that minty pine dipped off and was replaced with more of a generic floral so I’d definitely recommend trying this one at low temps when vaping. The headchange comes on quick and with a healthy thwap that leaves you spacey and hazy eyed. Describing it to my fellow reviewers in a chat I noted that “it feels like when you do that arms up whole body stretch but for your brain”. It puts some weight on your body and you may find yourself lost in your own thoughts and unable to stay on task, so while I’d avoid this for a wake and bake I feel like it’s an awesome strain for any time you want to kick back and relax, especially if you don’t mind spending 10 minutes or so staring at the ceiling. For the ticket I’ve seen this go for at seshes I’d definitely be on board to cop some again. Excellent work to the Backpack Boyz, 5 Points LA and the Cannon Co once again. You guys are consistently putting out some high caliber herb and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Bugsy from The Backpack Boyz

Bugsy from The Backpack Boyz and 5points LA via The Cannon Co on 2/11/2020. No Testing info presented on the bag. This bag was gifted to me but I have seen an 8th go for $40-50 out the door at Seshes. Bugsy has been on my watchlist for quite some time now so I was stoked to see it in my sample pack. These extremely dense nugs are a gorgeous mix of fluorescent lime greens with deep rich purples that highlight the contours of the bud similar to the way trim color can accent the architecture of a building. Creamy burnt orange pistils coupled with an impressive coating of yellowish white triches, stacked on each other in every available crevice like snow drifts against abandoned buildings in the dead of winter, give the bud as a whole an inviting fuzzy glow.

The nose out of the bag is a sugar sweet cream with a subtle mint and just a touch of fruit. Busting open the bud the minty amps up slightly to match with the sweet cream and reveals a mustiness in the background. Breaking it down by hand the scent of mint becomes overwhelming while that sugar sweet cream fights to be noticed in the background but the mint absolutely dominates the arena. When dry pulling the J there’s a delicious sweet mint that lingers on the lips with a floral quality that fills out the background with a wisp of fruit. The inhale is smooth and on the joint I picked up on a minty hash quality, while the bong offered more of an earthy floral taste, with a hint of mint in the background. The exhale off the joint and the bong both served up a sweet minty cream with a fairly long lasting mentholated aftertaste. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial mint remains the dominant force with that floral sensation padding out the background. The headchange comes on quickly and has a really enjoyable thwap to it. It smacks you in the forehead and radiates behind your eyes and down into your body. While it doesn’t couch lock you up exactly, and you can maintain a conversation and stay focused if need be, it does have that motivation sapping/soul settling aspect that’s fantastic for when you’re trying to wind down after a long day. In the end, I think Bugsy is a great afternoon / evening smoke and for the ticket I’ve seen it available for in the sesh scene, I’d have no problem picking it up again. Great job once again to the Backpack Boyz/5 Points LA and the Cannon Co. Keep cranking out these hits!

Black Cherry Gelato from The Backpack Boyz

Black Cherry Gelato from The Backpack Boyz and 5points LA via The Cannon Co on 2/11/2020. No Testing info presented on the bag. This was gifted to me but I have seen it on a few menus for $40-50 out the door. A few people on my radar had said positive things about Black Cherry Gelato so I was extra stoked to see it was one of the bags in my sample pack. The surface of these intensely dense nugs flips back and forth between dark forest greens and deep rich purples with sporadic tightly coiled fiery orange pistils and a near even coating of tiny glistening triches.

The smell out of the bag is a this musty sweet fruit scent that I get from a majority of good gelato which I’ve come to call “that foreign fruit market smell” with hints of citrus and a wisp of cherry slurpee. When breaking open a bud the same scent was still present but louder and had a minor fresh edge to it. When breaking it down by hand my nose was smacked with a lemon cream at first that widened out to a more general cream and fruit scent but the lemon remained strong and ever present. The dry pull from the j was sugar sweet and floral with a little fruit and menthol in the background. The inhale was smooth and from the joint I got a muted sweet cereal but on the bong it was a general earthy vibe. On the exhale from the j I picked up on a sweet floral taste with just a bit of mint in the background while the bong really did have a faint yet surprising black cherry slurpee/carbonated water sensation to it. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I picked up on a sugar sweet floral sensation with a little mint in the back which was reminiscent of the joint but stronger in taste. The headchange comes on fast, thwaps with authority, and will ground you if you allow it. When I smoked my first J I got about 3/4s through and had that “wow, I’m pretty lit” feeling and left the rest of it behind for later. It hits you behind the eyes and puts that pressure on your forehead where the power of couch compels you. It’ll sap you of motivation and you won’t care because you’re buzzed in the way where nothing matters except for right now and you’re feeling pretty good about chilling in this particular moment. I would say this one should be saved for a post work smoke but it does serve well as a wake and bake if you have a strong cup of coffee to aid you. If you have some mindless manual labor to slog through, you can smoke this, throw on some music and before you know it you’ll be done and you had a great time doing it. All and all I really liked Black Cherry Gelato, it’s got a healthy long lasting slap that might stick you right to the couch, but you’ll definitely enjoy every moment of it. Great work to the Backpack Boyz, 5 Points LA, and everyone else involved!

Tropikoolato from Gas Co /5 Points / The Backpack Boyz

Tropikoolato from Gas Co /5 Points / The Backpack Boyz via a generous benefactor that prefer to remain nameless on 9/12/19. There’s no testing info as it’s from the STREETZ. My benefactor copped this for $50 out the door. This batch consisted of two beefy nugs that could barely make their way out of the bag. The colors on the surface shift from light green to dark purple with dark orange hairs springing up all over the place frosted in a nice coating of tiny triches. Visually it’s very reminiscent of some Mimosa I had not too long ago.

The scent out of the bag is a musty backyard orange that I always relate to the oranges from random orange trees that dot the land here in Orange County. It has a more earthy smell than oranges you pick up from the supermarket. Breaking down the nug, the nose remains predominantly orange, but reveals a bit of spiciness in the background. On the hand grind, I pick on on a surprisingly sweet lemon lime scent with a candy like zing, which coincides with the fruit loaded artwork on the bag itself. You don’t really get any stickiness on the fingers on the breakdown, and while dense, the nugs feel like thick styrofoam when you bust them apart. On the inhale I catch a bit of a spice and on the exhale I get a sense for those musty oranges once again. The headchange comes on quick but doesn’t hit too heavy where it leaves you dazed and incapacitated. It feels more like a sativa leaning hybrid as it has a decent amount of euphoric energy and you have the ability to focus if needed but also comes with a fuzziness that sits just on top of the forehead and sinks right in behind the eyes. It’s definitely a good day time smoke that would work with any sort of weekend activities you might have going. From gaming to hiking to just hanging out and watching a movie, Tropikoolato would make a good chilling companion for any time of day and it won’t put you down for the count. I definitely enjoyed this one on more than one wake and bake. Great work to the folks at GasCo / 5 Points/ Backback Boyz!

Bumpy from The Backpack Boyz

Bumpy from The Backpack Boyz via Cana Farms on 7/17/19. THC tested out to 29.88%. Purchased for $60 plus tax minus 20% early bird special. I’d seen these old school gangster strains starting to pop up on instagram fairly frequently so when I spotted Bumpy at Cana Farms I decided to give it a spin. These nugs are extremely dense. The surface color runs from deep green to dark purple with bunches of bright orange hairs popping up at random and a fair coating of triches.

Out the bag the nose hits spicy over all with hints of mint. On the finger grind I pick up on a very piney mint scent mixed with spice, overall, it has a really “refreshing” vibe. Grinding it even further revealed a vanilla tinted sweetness in the mix. It does not finger grind all that well, and it feels like it leaves a waxy coating on your fingers, but not in that finger hashy resin kind of way I’m used to from quality herb. The inhale is just a bit harsh and on the exhale I pick up on notes of spice and gas. It tastes similar to some really good OGs I’ve had in the past. The headchange is fairly mild mannered and comes off as an average hybrid. The first time I smoked it was after a long day and it really hit me like a ton of bricks. I just knocked right out. Subsequently that really hasn’t been my experience, and while I don’t mind an even keel hybrid high, I expect a lot more from the headchange when it comes to herb at this ticket and with these stats. It just goes to show that THC percentages really are not everything. While it’s not bad herb by any means and does have a very unique terp profile, at $60 plus tax, I wouldn’t be repeat buyer in this case. Sorry Backpack Boyz, this one is a miss for me.