Sasquatch Sap from 3C Farms

Sasquatch Sap from 3C Farms via OG Cannabis Cafe on 2/21/2020. THCa tested out to 22.91%. (Shoutout to Matt at 3C Farms and Red Rodriguez at the OG Cannabis Cafe for making it happen). This was gifted to me but on checking the menu at 3C/Coast to Coast in Downtown LA it’s only $35 for medical patients which is a great deal in my opinion. GG#4 is a modern classic that goes by a lot of names due to the legal challenges presented by using the Gorilla Glue monicker, so I thought it was clever of 3C to call their offering “Sasquatch Sap” in order to fit their established conspiratorial naming convention. These flat cedar looking buds are mostly a combination of dark lime and forest greens with the rare burst of light yet rich aubergine, twine colored pistils that streak sporadically across the surface, all of which are absolutely swarmed by white yellowing triches that cling and pile up on any and every available space they can. It’s as if a tsunami of trichomes had run across these buds and what we’re seeing in the pictures is what was left in it’s wake.

The nose out of the jar is a vibrant floral coupled with mint and pine and just a hint of musty chocolate. When busting open a nug the mint and pine scents become louder while the floral and chocolate stay present but are more muted in comparison. When breaking the nug down by hand the mint and pine stay center stage while keeping that floral in the background but giving that waxy chocolate smell just a little more of the spotlight. The dry pull on the jay has a floral sweet quality up top that morphs into a perfume like aftertaste.The inhale is smooth and has a light pancake syrup taste on the joint as where on the bong I got more of a musty floral zing. The exhale is very floral and perfume like on the joint where as the bong comes off lighter on the floral with that tootsie roll like chocolate taste making its presence known and a bit of a sour sensation that slaps the septum slightly on the way out. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial , at 170c it was floral with hint of mint, but when I turned it up to 185c mint and pine seemed to dominate the taste profile to the point I got “fresh sensation” on the inhale. Turning it up to 200c revealed a muted candy sweetness that was different yet less powerful than other temps. The headchange comes on quick and is not mentally debilitating in any way but puts enough pressure on the body to keep you planted on the couch. You feel that weight on your forehead at first and it makes its way down into your shoulders, and while you could fight it and complete any physical chores you have lined up, this is one of those motivation sapping herbs that makes it incredibly easy to say “fuck it, I’ll do it tomorrow” as you watch old How It’s Made videos on YouTube instead. I really enjoyed this batch of Sasquatch Sap and for the ticket it goes for at 3Cs medical shop in DTLA I’d pick it up again in a heartbeat. Great work once again to the awesome folks at 3C Farms!

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