Blu Gotti from The Backpack Boyz / 5 Points LA

Blu Gotti from The Backpack Boyz / 5 Points LA via The Cannon Co on 2/11/2020. No Testing info presented on the bag. This was gifted to me but I have seen it go for about 40-45$ an 8th in the traditional market. Last but not least in the awesome hat trick of strains found in my sample pack from The Cannon Co is Blu Gotti. These big boulderesque buds are a hodgepodge of lime, olive, and forest greens that occasionally dip into midnight blue, with tightly wound burnt auburn pistils, and a frosty layer of tiny yellowing triches.

The nose out of the bag is a sweet cream with a strong musty fruit that reminds me of Gelato’s signature “foreign fruit market” smell. When busting open a bud a sweet vanilla cream dominates the scent profile with a muted floral backend. It breaks down extremely well by hand and you get a sweet creamy floral smell that lingers on your fingers while the grinds are primarily a vanilla cream up front but has a complex candy sweet floral mint backdrop. The dry pull on the joint has a muted sweet fruit and cream with just a touch of floral. The inhale is smooth gives me toasted marshmallow vibes off the joint while the bong had more of a sugar mint tang. The exhale was a sugar sweet floral with a minty fruit backside from the joint while the bong was more of a fresh mint floral up top with a sweet cream finish. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 the tastiest draw was at 170c which was a powerful mix of pine and mint that zinged my tongue on both the in and exhale. As I raised the temp I noticed that minty pine dipped off and was replaced with more of a generic floral so I’d definitely recommend trying this one at low temps when vaping. The headchange comes on quick and with a healthy thwap that leaves you spacey and hazy eyed. Describing it to my fellow reviewers in a chat I noted that “it feels like when you do that arms up whole body stretch but for your brain”. It puts some weight on your body and you may find yourself lost in your own thoughts and unable to stay on task, so while I’d avoid this for a wake and bake I feel like it’s an awesome strain for any time you want to kick back and relax, especially if you don’t mind spending 10 minutes or so staring at the ceiling. For the ticket I’ve seen this go for at seshes I’d definitely be on board to cop some again. Excellent work to the Backpack Boyz, 5 Points LA and the Cannon Co once again. You guys are consistently putting out some high caliber herb and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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