Kushberry Cheesecake from LA Kush

Kushberry Cheesecake from LA Kush via Show Grow Long Beach on 4/27/2020 (shoutout to Travis at Show Grow for the swoop). THC tested out to 25.74% THC. I got this for $40 out the door but it typically goes for about $50 plus tax. A few years ago, LA Kush was one of my favorite medical spots to hit as they had solid tickets and some unique genetics, so getting my hands on this Kushberry Cheesecake was a welcome blast from the past. These mildly dense nugs have a look that reminds me of the tall aborvitaes that you commonly see lining the driveways of upper middle class homes. The surface is mostly a mix of forest and lime greens with sprigs of dark amber pistils and a frosting of yellowing triches that give the buds a warm chartreuse sheen.

The nose out of the jar is sweet and fruity with a musty cheesy backend that gets more dominant when you hold the jar at about arm’s length. On busting open a nug that fruit gets louder and hits me like a candy peach with a sweet cheesy zing. When breaking it down by hand, that sugary fruit amps up even more, and comes off like a delicious mixed berry compote with a complex cheesy sweet cream filling out the background. The dry pull on the jay has those sweet berry compote vibes with a funky cheese pastry twist that’s reminiscent of a guava cheese strudel from Porto’s bakery. The inhale is smooth and carries a sugar sweetness on the joint whereas the bong really brings out that tangy cheese aspect. The exhale on the joint is a mix of sweet berry and floral with a near citrus like edge and a musty cheese finish where the bong is sweet cheesy floral with a vague gassy aftertaste. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes, at 170c it’s mostly floral with a hint of pine where at 185c it has a vague floral taste coupled with a mild sugar sweetness but it’s really hard to pin down as it’s much less defined. The headchange comes on quick and with a solid slap that has left me dumbstruck on more than one occasion. It’s very cerebral and will leave you hazy eyed as your brain tumbles through a universe of loosely connected thoughts while you somehow remain tethered to reality, easily able to accomplish familiar chores on autopilot, however if something requires focus you’ll find yourself struggling to stay on task. In that sense, it’s not an ideal wake and bake sativa if you have business to handle, but it is a fantastic smoke for an agendaless Sunday morning as it has some euphoric energy that will keep you feeling good and ready for most anything that comes your way. Great job LA Kush, I really enjoyed this one, so much so I had to reup on it just to finish out this review as I’d smoked through my initial batch too quickly. If you’re a sativa head, and can find it at a ticket you’re comfortable with, I’d say you definitely should give Kushberry Cheesecake a shot. 

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