Jealousy from Minntz

Jealousy from Minntz / Qanabliss via Evergreen Santa Ana on 5/7/2020 (Shoutout to Matt at Evergreen for the assist!). THC tested out to 29.4% THC. With a discount, I got this for about $60 out the door, it typically goes for $65ish pre-tax. I was not impressed with The Soap from Minntz but I’d heard a lot of good things about Jealousy so when I saw it was in stock at Evergreen here in Santa Ana I decided to give it another shot. These semi-dense buds are mostly an eye widening midnight blue with dots of olive green, coupled with flares of construction paper black sugar leaves contrasted against fiery orange pistils, all frosted over in a healthy coat of lemon chiffon triches.

The nose out of the bag is a grungy sweet fruit coupled with a strong fresh element and a hint of vanilla that hits me like how I’d imagine a Hi-Chew version of Cherimoya flavor smells. On busting open a nug, the sweet fruit shifts with the introduction of a pastry dough, resulting in more of an apple pie sprinkled with rock sugar vibe and just a hint of mint in the background. It breaks down easily by hand and leaves a sticky sweet minty film on the fingertips. The scent is a sweet grungy fruit with mint and a touch of pine that reminds me a lot of gelato but with a sugary uplifting zing. The dry pull on the joint has a very faint honeysuckle sweetness with a twist of mint. The inhale is smooth and comes off like light toasted mint on the joint, whereas the bong offers a mild sweet mint soap quality. The exhale from the joint is sweet minty floral with a soap like aftertaste, where the bong is very soapy upfront with a strong mint pine, similar to a muted version of what I’d imagine Irish Spring Gum would taste like if it were to exist. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial the pine-sol vibes are undeniable at both 170c and 185c but on the former it leans minty to the point it gives off a strong sensation you feel on your tongue on inhale where on the latter, while still minty, leans a bit more floral. The headchange comes on quick and has a fairly healthy slap that caught me off guard more than once. I’d look down at the bowl in a stoned haze expecting to see ash only to realize I’d barely taken greens and would excitedly polish off the snap. It has that dough face fuzzy forehead feeling that moves down into your body and puts a floaty bounce in your step. Over time you’ll notice some cognitive lock as it steps up the pressure and puts you on the couch, if not to bed, depending on the time of day. I really liked this batch of Jealousy and it redeemed Minntz in my book after the poor experience I had with the Soap which gives me hope for their other offerings. That said, I still would have a hard time justifying a re-up at it’s normal price as $65 pre-tax really steep, and frankly there’s a lot of amazing flower to choose from out there that’s sub-$60 out the door. However, if you happen to swing a good price on it somewhere or if you’re rich and don’t check the tag, I’d say you should give it a shot and see for yourself as its a unique looking, great smelling herb, with a really pleasant headchange. Great job to Minntz and the Qanabliss team on this one, it’s got my attention, and I look forward to getting more of their flavors in the rotation.

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